Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holder Your Horses

A lot of people are talking about whether those who torture should be held to answer.

Government officials have been saying yes and no.

But the seats in the photo are still empty.

Who really is The Decider?

The 5th Amendment says that the people are to decide who is to be prosecuted for bigga badda boom crimes.

The decision process is called a Grand Jury process.

Then after that grand jury decides there is sufficient reason to prosecute, a petite jury is provided by the 6th Amendment.

Thus, when it comes to who is to be prosecuted for the American crime of torture, our law has always required that two juries of the people are mandated to be the deciders.

This is the fundamental law of our land contained in TWO constitutional amendments.

So, before Obama looks in any direction, and before Holder feels his heart, each of them should remember who elected them and who must ultimately decide this issue.

Fill up the empty jury seats already.

Anything else is clear and convincing evidence of corruption already.

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