Sunday, April 19, 2009

Open Thread

Come on, be open about it.


  1. OK, I bite.

    Hi Dredd!

    Canada here.

    - "Porsche Chooses China for Its Entry Into Sedans"

    - SHANGHAI — Porsche unveiled its entry into the luxury sedan market here on Sunday night, the eve of the Shanghai auto show. It was the latest confirmation of the importance of the Chinese auto market and the first time that Porsche has entered a new market segment at an auto show outside Europe or North America.


    Bank Regulators Clash Over U.S. Stress-Tests Endgame (Update1)

    - "“It’s very possible that we are seeing the turning of the corner for the banking industry,” he said. “Our biggest fear is that it becomes a confidence-eroding episode at just the wrong time.” "

    my take is, ignore the first part, and focus on the 2nd part.

  2. Anonymous (5:09 PM),

    Verrry interrrresting!

    Did you see Phase 2 of Currency Wars? ...