Friday, April 17, 2009

America's Shame Memos - #Last

We have been doing a series called America's Shame Memos.

Each article in the series links to a previous article on that subject.

The final memos are discussed by The New York Times website in a manner that will help you to not puke.

If you read enough of the Bush II regime words in those memos it is bound to make you sick all over and then some.

The NYT website linked to above will help you keep your food in your stomach, because it summarizes the mess for you.

In the previous articles mentioned above it is pointed out that The Geneva Conventions are the law of our land, because the US Constitution mandates that reality once we agree to and adopt a treaty.

The shame memos teach people to violate our constitution by violating those conventions.

So for our good name's sake we also argue that the guilty who pushed torture should not go unpunished.


  1. Hi Dredd,

    I have to comment in every fora that I can, to say that OBAMA is on very thin grounds at the moment, and might have foolishly talked his way into war crime charges.

    Obama has waded in that pool. He is probably a co-conspirator after the fact.

  2. So far I take the position that this will cost politically.

    Add it all up by election time in 2012 and it is probably near 20% in points.

    It remains to be seen how many people will weight this resistance to torture prosecution heavily as they balance it with the yet unknown economic results, compared with good foreign policy approaches Obama is showing.