Friday, April 17, 2009

The Torturing Of America

We have posted some articles about the judiciary having been changed over the past 8 or so years.

The judiciary is in a condition now that it has not been in since 1937, as we pointed out in an article about the conservative judiciary.

We also pointed out that a new judicial code of conduct has been implemented for those judges.

But that code of conduct evidently does not forbid putting on the bench at least one conflicted judge. A conservative judge who was appointed for life by Bush II and who is a bad, bad, boy.

Yes, a judge who even authored some of America's Shame Memos; those infamous memos which advocate water torture contrary to federal criminal law.

One wonders whether state law judges are now being influenced by these bad, bad, conservative federal boys?

Perhaps so, because one Texas state judge in effect sentenced a prisoner to death because his lawyer was about 20 minutes late.

Another state court, in California, destroyed 34 families by wrongfully sentencing them to prison and destroying the family structure and good will.

Which reminds me of the article about the corrupting of America, and another one wondering if we are too successful at retraining criminals for a higher calling?

Are they getting into the judiciary and into other high places from which America is being tortured to death?

Should we not look backward, but instead look forward to forget all this and to "get over it" as Justice Scalia suggests?

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