Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Popcorn Wins In Minnesota

For those who remember the old election that should have been over last year, last night a court said some more words about "the election that should have been over last year". A certain news source said this about that court decision:
A Minnesota court ruled Monday night that Democrat Al Franken has defeated Republican Norm Coleman and should be granted the election certificate that will allow him to take his seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Coleman camp immediately vowed to appeal.

"More than 4,400 Minnesotans remain wrongly disenfranchised by this court's order," Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg said in a statement. "By its own terms, the court has included votes it has found to be 'illegal' in the contest to remain included in the final counts from Election Day, and equal protection and due process concerns have been ignored. For these reasons, we must appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court so that no voter is left behind."

The three-judge panel rejected Coleman's equal-protection arguments, saying that "errors or irregularities identified by contestants in the general election do not violate the mandates of equal protection."
(Politico). We said a month or so ago about "election integrity" blogs who fan the flames with abstract and ill advised rhetoric:
Instead of seeing it as the disaster it really is. The Brad Blog has unabashedly said:
Franken Declared 'Winner,' But Final Certification Will Likely (and Appropriately) be Delayed ... Excellent provision in MN law ... A very good provision in MN's law --- not found in most other states --- may delay Franken's seating, meaning he will not be sworn in with rest of Congress at the beginning of the new session slated to start tomorrow. Ultimately, however, the provisions should ensure that whoever is eventually sworn in to serve as the state's Senator will not be forced to serve under a cloud ... Would that all of the other states in the union had such a provision ... The voters of MN deserve that much, no matter how long it takes ...
(January 5 Thread, emphasis added). When the blogsters there were out getting their popcorn they had no concern about time or anything else except their own juvenile joy.
(Dredd Blog Article). Now the Brad Blog is complaining about the "very serious charge" that newspapers only declared who got the most votes, not who won.

They still do not care how long it takes.

Popcorn sales are going up over the top, and Brad Blog is asking for donations! All at the same time!

The Minnesota election for senator is not over! wooo hooo!

But, this is not very exciting to the common sense folk who still see it as the disaster it is.

The Brad Blog kiddies should have stuck to their max headroom last last last story.

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