Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stealth Care For The Masses

We have pointed out stealth care for the homeless, and something in between that and health care for many more.

An article in Mother Jones fast forwards us to where we could be heading if things do not work out:
Though the sun is beginning to filter in through the barred windows, it's damp and cold in the men's ward at Fernando Ocaranza Psychiatric Hospital—no more than 50 degrees. Around the edges of the common room are tangled nests of men lying together in heaps, trying to stay warm. Others shuffle busily back and forth, as if they have a destination in mind. In the middle of the floor, running half the length of the ward, is a pool of urine.
(Out of Mind, Out of Sight). So when are we going to stop glorifying destruction so we have funds to eradicate stealth care?

Maybe when we realize a hospital costs about as much as a stealth killing machine

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