Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wicked Witches Of The West

Sean Penn is the executive producer of a very disturbing documentary about the facts of life in some of the court systems in our nation.

The documentary is called Witch Hunt, and it airs on MSNBC.

It tells the story of how a zealous, young, inexperienced, and wrong headed prosecutor in Bakersfield, California destroyed 34 families with false charges.

Some of the people were in prison for 20 years before they were set free from the dark ages styled prisons of California.

That prosecutor just won re-election for the seventh time in a row.

If you wonder how such things can happen, how such immorality can exist in our sophisticated and advanced society, don't forget to think about this.


  1. This is scary stuff. My aunt is getting a law degree to fight against wrongful death sentences.


  2. dangerous dan,

    Yes it is scary.

    Your aunt may save some innocent lives.

    We know that innocent people are put to death in the US all too often.

    Tell her best wishes.

  3. It gets so bad with witch hunters that they get all aTwitter if you use a "strange" operating system: