Friday, March 20, 2009

Election Officials' Lack of Integrity

In Clay County, Kentucky, the election officials were evidently corrupted by the toxins within power.

A federal grand jury has indicted them for election crimes. A spokesman for the Kentucky state government stated:
“The allegations as detailed in the U.S. Attorney’s indictments, if found to be true, represent a great injustice to the citizens of Clay County. Our office appreciates the U.S. Attorney taking these allegations seriously and working with us to rid our state of election fraud. Our office cooperated with authorities on this matter, including referring voting irregularities from the 2006 primary elections to law enforcement officials. We hope that the judicial system will work expeditiously on this matter so that the dark cloud of suspicion hanging over these elections will not affect future elections.”
(Les Fugate, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State).

UPDATE: Here is a link to the indictment (PDF) which describes the parties and the charges against them.

1 comment:

  1. As long as there is dishonesty there is the possibility of election fraud, no matter what type of voting system is used.

    But the idea of a bank is to make it as hard as possible for the corrupt to be successful in robbing the bank.

    That is the way elections and election machines should be handled.

    Additionally, as the Minnesota senate race between Franken and Coleman shows, using paper ballots does not guarantee success either.

    Perhaps candidates should have to sign wavers in some circumstances so they cannot drag feigned controversy out for a long time in vengeance against the winner.