Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dan Z Plunger & War Zone H

This post was moved to make room for next year's posts.


  1. Big Dan Done made a Big BOOB of himself Again...

    Mr. Know it all...

  2. Bamboo Harvester,

    The way he posted on that thread, machine gun style, makes me assume he forgot he was not on his blog.

    That is the way he posts one after the other and if anyone posts while he is posting they get run over as his 18 wheeler honks by.

    He should change the name of his blog to "Big Dan's Big Convoy".

    He does have some good threads on sometimes ... the one on the NEPA judges was a good one.

  3. you are ready to graduate to 'your world'..leave this place of nonsense behind.

    Dude, you are arguing a side where BOTH SIDES, with all this intellect, wealth and technology, insist that WAR IS AN OPTION.

    Anyone who participates in that debate, does so with liars. Check inside, in your quietest moments, and think about this thought.

    Your path, alone, inside you, is all that matters. You desire to understand this, this is why I have written these words to you.

    There are great rewards coming to you when you deeply desire to know, understand and grasp all sides towards the greater perspective.

    Abraham-Hicks. Aak and It Is Given will need to make this a public comment unless you are at the place where no information is forbidden

  4. "Dude" at least have the sincerity of mind and uniqueness of thought to come up with a handle ... before I attempt to try to decipher your self righteous message.

  5. Bamboo Harvester,

    Anonymous (6:51 AM) came across like something was being read from the morning astrological column or was quoting from "Abraham-Hicks" ...

    ... any way ...

    "Aak and It Is Given" is probably the opposite of "Nak and it is not given" ...

    ... aak nak seems like real old time programming back and forth ... not sure ...

  6. Bamboo Harvester,

    It was probably dumbro ...