Sunday, March 15, 2009

"American" International Group - AIG

Many are beginning to experience distrust any time they see a business with the name "American" in it.

And AIG is acting like it is anything but "American".

Lets face it, if something is "American" it has the interests of the American people at heart.

Just what business is AIG in that the government "can't do anything about" them giving out $165 million in bonuses? AIG received $165 billion in bailout money and the government put a new CEO in place of the old one. The government can fire people but can't stop bonuses?

Something is fishy in Denmark:
The AIG companies were one of the very few U.S. companies to have their origins in China when their founder, C.V. Starr, formed American Asiatic Underwriters in Shanghai.
(About AIG, emphasis added [the Chinese hacked that page, a wayback machine link for 2007 is here; also verify here, and here]). So AIG is originally a Chinese company that is now neighbor to Dick Cheney's Halliburton in Dubai.

Where it has the name AIG Dubai [the site with that URL has changed since the feds bailed them out, so to see some things they were into, here is a wayback machine copy of the page, also check out this and this].

To top that off the mystery extends to "operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions" (AIG About, [wayback machine shows it used to be like this, note the "Global Business Network"]).

Lets face it, when they are this brazen and Obama administration officials and the congress are slithering around stuttering to the press on Sunday morning, explaining their missing spines, we do not have a government for the people and of the people any more.

No wonder Larry Summers, on Face The Nation today, talked like a weasel who was an apologist in the fashion of the neoCon robber baron mouth pieces.

International conglomerates from foreign nations are running the show now, and Larry tells us there is nothing we can do about it because of "contracts".

Was he trying to tell us there would be "contracts" out on him if he did not toe the line and play his part?



  1. Those two AIG towers look like two horns.

  2. A Zionist care?

    Why would any of these bunch of Zionist mugrats care or give a damn what WE think!??

    They got their puppet Obama etc. being pulled to do whatever they wish as much as possible, they show downright scorn for everyone else and their revolutions.

  3. Anonymous 2:55 AM,

    The larger point is that our country is the puppet. Business, government, media, and the people. To focus on one person or "da joos" at this time is as narrow minded as it gets.

    "Yes we can't" do anything about it is not the way Americans want to look at it.

    "Yes we can" do something about it is our traditional mantra.

    I would point out that Bush II would have said "what problem? what mistakes?" because that is what he and his propagandists are still saying. Clueless to the end.

    The Obama administration has dorks like Romer and Summers out doing rubber spine business at exactly the wrong time.

    Romer and Summers must have thought the people said "send in the clowns" ... wrong.

    The people like Obama and Axelrod ... so where are Obama and Axelrod ...

  4. Tax professor blog has come up with a way to stop the AIG bonus. It would use an IRS declaration that they constitute unreasonable compensation.