Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bobblehead For EI Bobbleheaders

The St. Paul Saints independent league baseball team is giving fans a symbol of the Franken / Coleman political contest for senator from Minnesota.

They are offering a bobble head doll, one with a constantly spinning / wobbling head:
“The Saints have really outdone themselves with this one,” said Independent Senate candidate Dean Barkley. “I am glad, however, they decided not to make this a talking doll. Norm-Al will look great on someone’s shelf—silently.”
(The Saints). That is how the local baseball team in Minnesota sees it, but of course they are not experts.

The experts have a different take on it. Instead of seeing it as the disaster it really is, the Brad Blog has unabashedly said:
Franken Declared 'Winner,' But Final Certification Will Likely (and Appropriately) be Delayed ... Excellent provision in MN law ... A very good provision in MN's law --- not found in most other states --- may delay Franken's seating, meaning he will not be sworn in with rest of Congress at the beginning of the new session slated to start tomorrow. Ultimately, however, the provisions should ensure that whoever is eventually sworn in to serve as the state's Senator will not be forced to serve under a cloud ... Would that all of the other states in the union had such a provision ... The voters of MN deserve that much, no matter how long it takes ...
(January 5 Thread, emphasis added). If that is how elections are supposed to be everywhere, about half the baseball games would still be in overtime.

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