Monday, March 23, 2009

53% of AIG Bonus Went To Foreigners

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has found out that only 47% of the AIG bonus money went to American workers.

We have been pointing out for some time that behind the scenes plane loads, truck loads, and suit case loads of TARP, bailout, and "war money" has been going to foreign entities.

For many years now America has been looted.

Some of the AIG articles showing foreign involvement in banking we posted recently are: AIG Iraq, AIG Liquidity Corp, Banque AIG & Family, including Swiss AIG Private Bank, Out On The False Front, unAmerican International Group, and "American" International Group, and Oil Sheiks "Borrow" Bailout Money.

The banksters wonder why the tiniest of the tip of the iceberg outraged Americans so, yes they wonder why a "mere" $165 million in bonuses got us all uptight.

We have also suggested, sarcastically of course, that the solution to the economic problem would be for us to invade ourselves.

In an article titled War - Great Stimulant - Lets Invade Ourselves we show that in a mere 11.5 hours we spend a minimum of the amount AIG paid in bonuses ($165 million) on the Iraq war. And have done so for over six years now.

And in General Madoff we show that not only "friendly fire" has hurt us, but "friendly fraud" has ripped us off too.

The wars would not have impoverished us if we had invaded ourselves and spent that money on US.

We can only imagine the hell that would break loose if the full story was told by journalists.

We have asked, and now ask again then, why is it being covered up or not told to the public?

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