Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fighting Terrorism For 200 Years

The robber barons wanted his soul but they could only steal his bones.

It is a college frat prank to them, but it is a crime to the rest of us.

Geronimo's descendants are reminding us once again of such indignities by filing a lawsuit in federal court to retrieve his remains from the frat freaks.

They have been fighting terrorism for 200 years.

An article at Huffington Post details the indecent behavior of the air heads who delight to engage in various indecencies as a matter of course.

Robber barons and warsters are expected to behave that terrorist way I suppose.

They even supported King George during the American Revolution and wanted to continue slavery a century later.


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  1. One of the tags for this entry is hypocrisy. That is one of the things Dave Weintraub fought against. He was late to the game realising that Marcos Zuniga is the king of hypocrisy. But after becoming a target of the UGUG Kos Kops, he caught up in a hurry.

    Many have sensed that the internet is at a minimum gamed and at worse rigged. Dave was one of the few who proved it.

    I gave the FreeSpeechZoneBlog a chance as Prepostericity but made my last post there today. Talk about hypocrisy. Dave Weintraub thought he had found kindred spirits. But after he figured out who the ringleaders were behind the Kos Kops, the real names behind MajorFlaw and Bottles, he was summarily shown the door.

    FreeSpeechZoneBlog is all about presenting a controlled opposition to the Daily Kos. But they want all discussion to remain in the realm of anonymous usernames. That way newbies and fence-sitters are not going to be able to figure out how Daily Kos is not only gamed but allowed to be by the administrators. What should be an easy story to figur out is being twisted into anonymous usernames. Wtf?

    That some of the most nasty Kos writers are influential at that website, from Dana Houle{DHinMI} to Dan Bouldin{MBNYC}, implies that the Daily Kos is rigged.

    What else appears to be rigged? I say most of the major domains that make up the manufactured zeitgeist.

    I took a gander at the Biggie Bigs Dan Blog. I tried to read through the comments. YAAAAWWWNNNN.

    Then I took a look at the blog roll. Hmmm. A lot of them I've never heard of. A bunch I have.

    There's the {cough} "election integrity" domains one would expect like BradBlog and There's the Velvet Revolution. By the way, a must read is Citizen K by Mark Singer. Absolutely brilliant. An accomplished journalist took four years to complete it. It's chock full of facts and disturbing ones at that concerning the Speedway Bomber, co-founder with Mr. BradBlog of Velvet Revolution.

    Then one sees the Blog list for the news. Agent 99 has the top slot! Wow.

    There's After Downing Street. That's another one with Kimberlin connections. By the way, Velvet Revolution has some kind of election integrity coalition, the task force or something. Tinoire's Progressive Independent is on that list.

    Back to Dan's blog roll. There's Alex Jones and Michael Rivero. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Not! Why do rightwing "conspiracy theorists" keep ending up on "progressive" blogs?

    Tinoire, it turns out, is closely associated to Rivero's What Really Happened. She is also an alumnus from the Jeff Wells' disinformation website named Rigorous Intuition. Wells was an associate of Andy Stephenson. He was in the middle of some Gannon is Gosch rabbit hole. One of his moderators is an et in Arcadia Ego, who used to patrol the disinfo website nicknamed as Chemtroll Central, the one that has turned the obvious into being a kooky hoax. Stephenson was associated with an exposed freeper troll named Seventhson. Seventhson posts for Tinoire and Jeff Wells. Stephenson had ties to Tom Flocco and Mike Vreeland. He was very close with Ben Burch, he of his own convoluted internet history.

    I have started to look at MajorFlaw's {Michael Fingerit} posts at Democratic Underground. One of DaveFromQueen's discoveries was that MajorFlaw admitted in his private, yet found public place, that he used to also manipulate the moderating at the Democratic Underground. A bunch of his posts show that he was friends with a Crazy Guggenheim. Guggenheim is close to Ben Burch and the Democratic Warrior, a fake opposition forum set up to "set the record straight" about Democratic Underground. This by chance is a lot of the basis behind Progressive Independent. Now it appears that FreeSpeechZone is a false front for "exposing" the Daily Kos.

    Rigorous Intuition is on Biggie Big Dan's blogroll. Shocked I tell ya, as the kids say.

    Back to connections.

    Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman can be tied to Stephenson and Burch.

    Now I see Christopher Bollyn is also on Big Dan's blogroll. What? Where's the subtlety?

    Bollyn is another one of those neo-nazi types who somehow find their way onto "progressive" outlets.

    A quick search shows Bollyn had an interest in the Clint Curtis story. In one post at BradBlog he questioned whether Yang Enterprises, Inc. was a front for Mossad. Run for the hills, it's the Jooos!

    Does anyone really believe that Agent 99 was selected as Brad's moderator due to fate and not script? It's fairly clear that the "Jooos Did It" has been incorporated into the "progressive" zeitgeist.

    While googling within BradBlog with Bollyn, I ran across a post by Big Dan concerning Bollyn. He linked to That looks like it is put out by the Republic Broadcast Network. The American Free Press, which Bollyn works for, was established by Willis Carto. Carto has been a key player along with Mike Rivero and Alex Jones in this oversaturation of the left being wooed with rightwing ideology.

    It's all kind of frustrating and perhaps extremely existential. We can individually perceive these warped connections, but how are we to put it all into easily digestible entries for newbies and fence-sitters?

    Where are kindred spirits fed up with hypocrisy supposed to go for a much needed dose of freedom of speech and association? How are we the people supposed to overcome a stifling "netroots" with not a hint of organic development?

    By the way, my cyberstalker has sent me many threatening emails of late to go with the threats he's already made in the public domain. He has also threatened the co-founder of my forum that he may call up his workplace.

    I forwarded the emails to a reporter. He told me that these may be evidence of a cyberstalking felony. He mentioned that a police report could be in order. He even mentioned that afterwhich a letter such as the following could be sent:

    The authorities have been made aware of your harrassing emails and you can likely expect to be contacted within the next few days. Any future contact with me will also be forwarded to police. My advice: Stop before you end up in jail.

    And check this out for irony. This cyberstalker has been a big personality in regards to the "chemtrail" hoax. Ye all know I'm a chemmie. I'm just saying that a deliberate script has been put in place going on now for ten years, whose goal has been to turn the obvious into a hoax.

    Anyway, this person had visited my website when we first started out in 2007. The visitor was from Maine. I bookmarked the info. Many months later while cleaning up the bookmarks, I plugged the ip into google and got one result. He had made the mistake of leaving a divide and conquer type post at a website that publishes the writer's ip.

    I then cyber-sleuthed my way to find many odd posts under that pseudonym. They were the types one reads where one's head and chin are scratched, and one may wonder whether the poster is a troll in the basement or deliberate disinfo.

    When my cyberstalkers showed up at BradBlog, I was shocked to see that Agent99 did not go after them the way she had chastized me for having had the gall to ask Phil about his alleged ability to alter the weather with his own mind.

    I then rolled the dice. I asked Brad if one of them named "Mike" had the same ip as the cyberstalker. Bingo. We have bingo.

    Here's the irony. The person who is now claiming that I am a debunker for confronting the kooky portrayal of chemtrails, the one who is now saying I am legendary debunker Jay Reynolds, who has said repeatedly that I am under investigation by the FBI for hacking and cyberstalking, was the same one who at BradBlog called me out for being one of the chemtrail believers posting chemtrail conspiracy bs.

    That's called playing both sides of the fence. This guy has been tooting for years that he is a chemtrails activist from Parsonsfield, Maine. Why would a chemtrails activist ever refer to chemtrail believers and chemtrail conspiracy bs?

    Now he is saying I am legendary debunker Jay Reynolds of William Cooper fame? Anyone can go to the top section of my humble forum and see that I am not a chemtrail debunker, nor do I present chemtrails in any manner other than from logic and an academic approach.

    The cyberstalker as "Mike" was certainly posting as a chemtrails debunker setting himself apart from others who sincerely believe in chemtrails. I do not think that chemtrails are a hoax. I believe the only hoax part of it is in how they have been astroturfed.

    Well, perhaps we will eventually find out if that name, one that's been around since Will Thomas first "reported" on the Deep Sky hoax, is a real one. I don't think it is.

    the people united will never be defeated

    Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

    you can't start illegal wars and mayhem based on lies

    chemtrails are real. chemtrail websites are not

  2. I put a link to your blog on the blogroll as "Socrates' Blog" ...

  3. Thanks Dredd.

    Sorry for any of my longwinded posts.

    Antoinette, someone who helped DaveFromQueens put together his website, is keeping the thing going. Her target at the moment is Sean Hannity. It could be a good place for you to advertise your place. She is set on continuing Dave's legacy of outing rightwing hypocrisy. Your website can be placed into your username like here.

    Dave was a great guy. He actually was a player in real life. He outed ESPN pumping in applause for when Bush attended a sporting event. That probably sounds familiar to folks.

    He also used to confront hypocrites like Joe Lieberman with those funny masks.

    Pockets of awareness are a good thing.

  4. socrates,

    That reminds me of the time I put on my Rumsfeld mask with an Arabian cloth thingy ... Rummy The Arab ... and went around the neighbourhood running for "Sheik of District 5" ... folks loved it and got a good laugh.

  5. Congress is passing an honorarium concerning Geronimo:

    HRes 132.