Sunday, February 15, 2009

Investigative Word-Factory Daze

A while back we had a thread about the US losing guns, roses, bombs, money, computers, and who knows what else.

Now daze we seem to be blossoming into investigations. Investigations about losing money, sense of justice, sense of who we are, and on and on.

There are gonna be a lot of books and reports. Lotsa southern comfort. That is what investigations are designed to do. Deceive the public into thinking the government will handle it.

The government hasn't yet received the memo that since Katrina in the post Bush II world the investigative word game factory is less popular than the chastity belt.

The public knows we have lost our virginity already. Knows we have been screwed badly for years.

The public would like to see some real results, like crooks and liars in jail. Enough of this "where does it hurt" BS.

These investigative word factories are just polluting the air waves with toxic pabulum we don't need or want.


  1. Sloppy legal work says the report ... but what about all the dead bodies?

    Bybee is a 9th Circuit Appeals Court Judge and Yoo teaches law at Berkeley.

    That is accountability? NOT!

  2. Evidently there are groups of various types that want prosecutions, not pacifiers, not pablum.