Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Ascent of Criminal Aspiration

Like most of my fellow citizens, friends, and relatives, I have a wide spread and very ordinary and very fundamental belief in the people.

I learned it from many American ancestors who are common to all Americans.

They had ideas common to all free people and people who want to be free.

Criminality is anathema to those ideals and realities.

One of the fundamental machinations of criminality is to deceive anyone and everyone about the criminal's real persona. Look normal. Look legit. Do not draw attention to your criminal self.

The photo attached to this thread shows a teacher teaching criminals about business. Legitimate business.

It comes from a BBC News Article entitled "Turning crack dealers into chief executives".

But as we have pointed out here, since the spirit of the corporate business world is about deceit, about putting up a false front, we all know that we have too much of falseness already.

It is the spirit and soul of crime. To hide. To smoke screen.

And the people of America now realize, emphasized by the Bush II regime, that the soul of crime has ascended to the highest elevations of American power.

And it has brought us down.

So it is time for the honest people to get into the saddle of American government.

We have way too many criminals there at the moment. They keep trying to look honest but we see through them.

When honesty rules the people prosper.

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