Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Thread

Tell it like it is.


  1. Ann Coulter and the fake progressives are talking hate speech baby.

  2. Hey Dredd and his Lady, Happy Valentines! :-)

  3. Hi Ancient,

    We could use a blogger like you around here. Get some articles together.

    I am trying a new kind of blog where the bloggers do a good deal of the threads ... guest articles ...

    R.L.M. is doing one soon on his new book ... socrates is working on one ... Christie is too ... so join in if you have a subject you want to do.

    Click on Da Kat for the email address.

    Say hi to all.

  4. Hey Dredd, Hiya Ancient,

    Please make solid backups of this place. All it takes is one glitch.

    Did Brad ever provide proof that Clint Curtis' dog was killed?

    The Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove thing is kind of similar to Jason Leopold and the Rove indicted stuff. Sealed, schmealed.

    The election reform forums are just as rigged as the chemtrail forums, they just don't look as insane.

  5. Yikes, Dave from Queens died. I don't even know the guy and feel awful. What a sad situation.