Friday, May 6, 2022

Seaports With Sea Level Change - 21

Baked In The Cake

I. Full of Wonder

One wonders why some things are baked into the cake:

"Despite being the wealthiest nation on the planet, the U.S. has continued to have the most COVID infections and deaths per country, by far, and it has the highest per capita death rate of any wealthy nation.

This is an unfathomable number of people dead, yet, mass media are downplaying it. This is despite an empathetic New York Times headline in May 2020 of “U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss,” and using its entire front page to print names of some of the deceased. As Luppe B. Luppen noted on Twitter, the newspaper’s more recent headline was the cruel and callous “900,000 Dead, but Many Americans Move On.”

The Times is not alone; several large mainstream publications, in complicity with politicians of both major political parties, have been beating a death knell of a drum for getting “back to normal” for months. The effect is the manufactured consent to normalize mass death and suffering—to subtly suggest to Americans that they want to move on."

(Nothing Normal about One Million People Dead, emphasis added). But that type of media response to such things is ubiquitous (The Warming Science Commentariat).

II. Full of Sea Water

The additional damage to world economies which the ongoing damage to seaports and seaport trade ("95% of trade") will cause is mentioned far, far less than Covid-19 is mentioned (Seaports With Sea Level Change, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20).

Climate Change: Global Sea Level
A famous NASA scientist decades ago called this mass cover-up/mass-denial phenomenon the `John Mercer effect' (The Ghost-Water Constant - 9).

Now a mere leak is mentioned more often than the coming flood is (Antarctica 2.0 - 14).

Dredd Blog calls this sub-zero cognition a cultural trance (Choose Your Trances Carefully).

They seem to want to make it something that only beach-goers need to be concerned with:

"In urban settings along coastlines around the world, rising seas threaten infrastructure necessary for local jobs and regional industries. Roads, bridges, subways, water supplies, oil and gas wells, power plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills—the list is practically endless—are all at risk from sea level rise. "

(Why Sea Level Matters; sea ports should be mentioned first). On the less disastrous side (I don't use "the positive side" because it is mythical), they are coming around to mentioning their decades-long denialism:

"To make better predictions about the future impacts of sea level rise, new techniques are being developed to fill gaps in the historic record of sea level measurements. We know the factors that play a role in sea level rise: Melting glaciers and ice sheets add water to the seas, and warmer temperatures cause water to expand. Other factors are known to slow the rise, such as dams impounding water on the land, stymying its flow into the sea.

When each factor is added together, this estimate should match the sea level that scientists observe. Until now, however, the sea level "budget" has fallen short of the observed sea level rise, leading scientists to question why the budget wouldn't balance."

(NASA-led Study Reveals the Causes of Sea Level Rise Since 1900). It never balanced because they used the same techniques tRumpists use when "balancing" their financial matters (older textbooks about Antarctica were also problematic).

III. Don't Fear Y'all Are Here

Dredd Blog has bemoaned the YAH disorientation for many a post as regular readers know (Has The Navy Fallen For The Greatest Hoax?, You Are Here).

Never-the-less, the city-state of ancient Greece has returned:

"In coastal Texas and many other places, walled cities are making a comeback. It’s quite a turnabout, as the efficacy of defensive walls had declined precipitously since the age of the long bow. Barbarians still menace, of course. But the rekindled enthusiasm for defensive walls is a response to a different kind of threat."

(Texas Plans a Texas-Sized Response to Rising Seas). Yep, even bigger than the one to keep Gulf of Mexico out (Donate To Texas Y'all).

IV. Closing Comments

Like the senator indicated in a conversation with the Admiral in the video below, the answer is simple for Oil-Qaeda, "Build the seaports at sea level."

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