Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 3

In light of the post over at the Ecocosmology Blog, entitled "A Lovely Planet In The Neighborhood - 2?", it is time to once again get scientifically rebellious Dredd bloggers.

Yes, it is time once again to stimulate some grey matter, to disturb Big Brother, and to rattle the chains of the scientific establishment, an elitist bureaucracy within the world bureaucracy of warlords.

While it is true that in the prior episode we kicked up some dust, take note that at several times in the past Dredd Blog has kicked over the traces in other rebel science posts here, here, here, and here, for examples.

But for the current post, lets not only remember why it is important to be cosmic adults, lets also show once again how immature the governments on this planet really are.

The Ecocosmology Blog post reveals how the hopey spacey travelly thingy that NASA science is selling is a pig in a poke.

That science is almost wholly based on imperialistic military concepts (see Science According To MOMCOM) which are funded so massively it tends to corrupt our science away from the better direction where mature science would tend to go.

The bullies who run scientific development today have been held back many grades, spending all their time at the War Colleges where research is composed of experiments into how many bodies a bullet can go through, or how many WMD will fit on the tip of a petroleum product fuelled missile on its way to destroy something in order to save it.

Since it is unlikely that we will receive cosmic help from them, many contemplate a "someone from somewhere out there" who could help us survive ourselves on this planet.

With that in mind, could the planet 20.5 light years away have evolved alien life who have mastered space travel, after having mastered warmonger impulses, and after learning not to destroy their own home world?

The odds are much better for that than the odds are for earthlings ever travelling to that planet prior to our destruction of our current civilization.

These odds are increased by noting that the star, a red dwarf, is very old, if our science about stars is correct.

That means the six planets orbiting the star Gliese 581 are likely old too, and life could be so old that it is wise.

So, this could be a Knowing moment, but "knowing" of the unearthly type, yes, knowing of the rebel science type.

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