Sunday, September 26, 2010

To See What Condition Our Direction Is In

This post is about "direction", a strange word that contemplates not only movement, but the consequences or result of that movement, coupled with some sort of predictive or prescient quality that projects a temporary or permanent destination as a consequence of the direction of that movement.

Some of us remember the lyrics "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in", written by Mickey Newbury, later recorded by Kenny Rodgers and the First Addition.

To set up this post a bit further, and for a little fun, let's change the lyric of the song by changing one word:
"I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed it in

I watched myself crawlin' out as I was a-crawlin' in

I got up so tight I couldn't unwind

I saw so much I broke my mind

I just dropped in to see what condition my direction was in"
(Original Lyrics, modified). Now, to add the final spice and to set the stage, lets inject the true life story of two members of the skin head movement.

This story tells not only the effect the direction that movement was going and was having on them, but it adds to that the consequences of analysing their direction, upon converting just one myth about themselves into fact.

Yes, they just dropped in to see what condition their direction was in:
Two Polish neo-Nazis who were childhood sweethearts and later became skinheads have discovered what for them is a shocking family secret: They're actually Jewish.


Pawel and Ola, identified only by their first names, are the subject of a CNN documentary about Poles rediscovering their Jewish roots generations after their ancestors hid their religious identities to escape persecution during World War II. At the time, she and Pawel were active in Warsaw's neo-Nazi movement. "I was a nationalist 100 percent. Back then when we were skinheads it was all about white power ... that Jews were the biggest plague and the worst evil of this world," Pawel said.

Both 33, they've now embraced their Jewish identity and are active in their local orthodox synagogue.
(Skin Heads Become Jews). I guess one could say it was a shalom moment on steroids for them.

Upon discovery of the fact of who they are, the direction they had been going based upon ideological dogma, ultimately was shown to be that they were to kill themselves, hate themselves, or otherwise abuse themselves.

This story is a microcosm for civilization today, which treats the Earth as if it was a Jew in a NAZI gas chamber during WWII.

If we drop in to see what condition our direction is in, by adding the fact that we humans are the environment too, we can experience what those two skin heads experienced, then change direction.

The direction we are going by our destruction of the environment is the destruction of civilization as we know it, so we should instead embrace who we are and live that way.


  1. Those who do not know why are the reason others have to worry about it.

  2. The majority of Americans think their country is heading in the wrong direction.


    It has been that way for years: