Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water Everywhere But Here

The deadly serious nature of potable water supply was discussed in Global Warming & Potable Water over at the Ecocosmology Blog a while back.

Other deadly serious threats to civilization have been mentioned by Dredd Blog posts such as Embryonic Look At Civilization's Future - 2, along with a post urging us not to forget we have no way out but to address the serious immediate threats to the survival of civilization.

Now The Online Journal Nature points out that 80% of the Earth's population lives in unsecure potable water zones (if you don't subscribe to Nature, the article is discussed here and here).

The stark truth of the report is alarming:
The world's rivers are in crisis including in North America and Europe where governments have invested trillions of dollars to clean up freshwater supplies, a study showed Wednesday.

"Threats to human water security and biological diversity are pandemic," Charles Vorosmarty of the City University of New York, co-lead author of the report in the journal Nature, told Reuters.

The international team of scientists estimated that almost 80 percent of the world's population -- or about 5 billion people -- lived in areas with high levels of threat to water security, caused mainly by river mismanagement and pollution.
(Reuters, emphasis added). The propaganda of government (MOMCOM today) sells fear in the form of making the citizenry afraid of Islam, Communism, Socialism, and other Don Quixote type boogie men.

MOMCOM has been peddling security so as to be able to engage in wars for oil, yet MOMCOM really cares nothing for civilian concerns, seeing as how MOMCOM obsesses over violent solutions to every problem.

Governments are fiddling with madness while the people of all nations are rushed headlong toward unprecedented calamity.

They seem not to have the capacity to care for anything other than their own political career; they work to develop the capacity to stay in a complete state of denial about the deaths of hundreds of millions of the citizens of the Earth; they FAIL the test.


  1. It seems like the wiring of the human brain is very easily subverted: Optical / Cognitive Impairment

  2. Randy,

    Global warming / climate change fool many fundamentalists.

    Compare the floods around the world, the Ryder Cup being rained out for the first time, and one immediately can wonder "what water problem?"

    The problem is with cycles, so like those video illusions, we can be fooled about the approaching water catastrophe too if we are not attentive.

  3. Disruption is cycles causes perplexing dichotomies. Check it out: Huge Parts Of Earth Are Drying