Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whiney White House Does Another W

Dredd Blog has been telling the Obama mentors from day one of his administration to throw The W Compass in the trash.

The voting public rejected the W direction, the wrong direction, and have clearly had that mindset for many years now.

For example, 18 months ago, a mere 3 months into the Obama Presidency, Dredd Blog noticed indications of a possible drift in the W direction.

At that time Obama enjoyed a 72% favorability rating and the people polled indicated a drop in the percentage who thought the country was going in the wrong direction.

There was a political euphoria, a tendency to think "we are getting back on track".

Fine, but Dredd Blog was looking out the windshield, looking ahead to where the W direction would take us, and the consequences were clearly predicted way back then:
If that does not happen, the damage that will be done as a result of that failure will not go unnoticed. I expect a 20% drop in popularity when all is said and done.
(What Was Rejected In The Election, emphasis added). Polls yesterday put the current popularity figure at 46%, and even the wrong-direction percentages were way up again.

Yes, Dredd Blog predicted a drop to a 52% popularity figure, but it passed even that, and is 6% worse, yes, down to 46% favoribility, which is even worse than Dredd Blog predicted.

Never-the-less, in yet another W mouth off, V.P. Biden and President Obama seem to be doing a Charlton Heston, saying "you will have to pry this W compass out of our cold, dead hands":
Some progressive critics of President Barack Obama claim the White House’s recent chiding of disenchanted liberals is not about motivating them to vote in November – it's a cynical attempt to blame them for the losses Democrats are expected to suffer in the midterm elections.

The already palpable tensions between Obama and the liberal base rose after the president told Rolling Stone in an interview published online Tuesday that it’s "irresponsible" and "inexcusable" for disillusioned liberals to stay home on Nov. 2 rather than get out and vote for Democratic candidates.

"The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible," Obama said, depicting the high stakes election as a choice between a flawed but forward-thinking Democratic Party and a backwards GOP "that has moved to the right of George Bush."
(Raw Story). He still does not get it, because he thinks the issue is how far right the GOP is, not fathoming the obvious problem, which is that he is following the GOP to the right, so that he is where W was when W was rejected (Bush II hugger John McCain lost big - remember?!).

Obama's defense seems to be "the Tea Baggers are further right than me, so get out and vote for us, otherwise it is your fault".

That has not worked in the past, won't work now, and won't work in 2012 either.

Mr. President, you are expected to act like an adult Democrat who won an election.

McCain / Palin lost because the things W was doing were wrong, the direction W was going was wrong.

The public voted democratic in a big way, clearly voting against the W direction in a big way.

If you believe you are better than others, such that you can do the same things W did but that your Obamaness will make those wrong things right, you suffer from exceptionalism, another Tea Bagger trait of the W sort.

Loose the W compass before you rear-end the Tea Bagger bus.


  1. Perhaps the WH has some ears inside who get it.


  2. Evidently the Senate is not too amused at the divisive rhetoric.

    They have blocked any recess appointments by Obama in a bipartisan move according to The Hill newspaper.