Friday, October 8, 2010

Obama Et Alia Losing The W Compass?

I hope so, it needs to be trashed pronto ... a rejection of The W Compass would be welcome!

A leading Nevada Republican has rejected the crazy rantings of Harry Reid's Republican opponent in Nevada, endorsing Reid (D-NV) instead.

President Obama has stated he will not sign the Republican sponsored "signatures & documents" legislation that was secretly, in the sense of no public debate in the Senate, marched through the dark halls there at unSenate speed.

The people have stated in poll after poll for about a decade that the nation has been going in the Wrong direction (a.k.a. the W direction).

We pointed out the corrupt spirit seeping into government, noting an obvious case which spotlights the fact that The Right Is Wrong.

The W Compass has robbed the left and center, the majority, of representation in government while threatening to rob the democrats of sorely needed votes in the upcoming election.

The creator of the W compass is MOMCOM, a right wing institution & ideology.

The military is far right wing, the oil barons are far right wing, and the MSM is right leaning since it is owned by the 1% rich plunder barons.

MOMCOM is a right-wing entity that has spent billions of propaganda dollars and millions of propaganda words to convince us that we are a right wing nation.

We are NOT!

For a microcosm, allegory, or symbolic depiction, lets use the recent paper published in the PLoS scientific journal, recalling that U.S. bee colonies are mysteriously dying, which threatens the food supply of civilization itself.

The right-wing W virus has caused us to do what a virus combined with a microsporidia has done to bees:
The fact that the bees seem to fly off in all directions before they die has led Bromenshenk to theorize that their complex navigation system ... may somehow be damaged. Bromenshenk also told the New York Times that some kind of pathogen-triggered bee "insanity" may be at work.
(Time). Entire colonies of bees can be driven insane, so can cultures of people.

We really need to lose the W compass!

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  1. There is a post that explains some of the stealth and mystery about how the bill Obama vetoed got thru without Senate debate or a roll call vote.

    Huffington Post Article