Monday, May 24, 2010

You Rejected Your Only Savior For Oilah

The mantra "drill baby drill" was and still is a rejection of the only saviour The Redneck Riviera had, in favor of the oilster god Oilah.

That one and only saviour you rejected is called "Prevention", whose mantra is "Safety Baby Safety".

The mantra Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar! was your choice like Sarah Palin, and now you must die a thousand deaths with your choice.

Go drink Tea Potty, the nectar of Oilah, the god of lies, the god of the death of a once ecologically thriving world.

Let us hope that the dying happens with as little misery as possible for your children, but it can't be undone with federal monopoly money or feel good oil collection booms made for TV (they don't work and never have).

How many times have you missed them saying "we have never tested this stuff at these depths" so we don't know if Plan B, C, or D will work?

How can you have a back up "plan" when you admit you are in over your heads?

Never forget their admission that they are in way over their heads, deeper than their knowledge, testing, and expertise, like 5th graders peering into the cosmos.

This blog, upon hearing that President Obama had decided to open up offshore drilling, immediately posted the thread The Extinction Clock Nears Midnight - 2, knowing that our nation had rejected the only saviour (Prevention) we have when it comes to satiation of oil lust with reckless misuse of technology.

I learned long ago that once we fudge on Prevention there is no saviour to rescue us from our own anthropogenic disasters.

With all the help in the world, we cannot "clean-up" Deepwater Horizon, Chernobyl, or Global Warming type disasters.

Repeat, it cannot be "cleaned up", it can only be Prevented in the first instance, and you had better learn that very, very fast.

I hear those grown men along The Redneck Riveria now crying on TV, moaning, and begging someone to do something, because the oil god Oilah will not.

"BP isn't doing all that can be done, neither is the federal government" is the new mantra replacing "drill baby drill".

Yes they are doing everything they can do, it is just that a perfect response to this type of disaster can only mitigate 2% of the ecological damage at best.

Read some history for a change.

Chernobyl killed a million people and caused a dead zone for miles around, and it will stay that way for tens of thousands of years.

Clean up?

Dream on, drink your nectar Tea Potty from the plastic bottle breasts of MOMCOM; dream on while you sing your hymns to Oilah, who will always fail you, and fail you biggest at the last.

Reality will keep telling you that Prevention is the only saviour you have, yes, scientific, strict, tried and true Prevention.

If you do not make the oilsters, banksters, and other members of the warlords practice an ounce of prevention you will always beg for a pound of cure, when there is only a grain of cure available.

It is funeral time in the bayou as my heart and soul cries for all of you innocent people along The Redneck Riviera whose tears mingle with the blame you place on others, even those who chastened you and warned you of spill baby spill and kill baby kill.

After Oilah priests plug the hole, go take a sip of your Tea Potty and muse about who is next: Virginia, the whole world?

MOMCOM (mother god of Oilah) is gonna have her children and eat them too, as she sings a little bedtime ditty "tell them to eat cake".


  1. Dredd,

    I can't believe the executives of BP (big pollution) state on national TV that they "have never tested at these depths".

    They risk the livelihood of millions, risk grave danger to the Earth, etc., with dangerous contraptions they have "never tested at these depths"?

    They get permits to kill, maim, and destroy?

    Obama said "these things don't fail anymore" ... is that religious faith masking as technology and science?

    Drill baby drill now sounds like firing a rifle blindly into a crowd ...

  2. What this is all going to come down to unfortunately, is a perverse game of cost/benefit analysis on the part of BP accountants. If it comes up positive, they'll continue on as normal, government willing (the costs of buying government influence already being factored into the analysis). Does anyone doubt how that analysis will turn out? And if BP happens to go bankrupt in the process, they'll be bought out by one of the other majors and continue on under another corporate flag. Corporate power and big oil is bigger than all of us. They may be the devil, but we've promised them our souls. Looks like it's time to collect.

  3. disaffected,

    What this is oil going to come down to: "unfortunately" ...

  4. OMG! I know what tomorrow's Dredd blog post will be about. Obama's telling MOMCOM to get all jiggly wid' it at the Mexican border - to the tune of 1,200 NG troopies, although I heard on NPR McCain - God love him, SOMEONE has to - wants 6,000. Think getting our mind off the Gulf oil leak might have something to do with it? No word on who's footing the bill, but I'm assuming the Chinese will be picking up some more IOU's.

    I love it, I love it, I love it, watching the U.S. melt down before our very eyes - at the hands of a Democratic administration no less! It's gonna be a great summer watching all this shit go down. Might have to cancel the cable and just tune into the blogs all summer as we watch and comment on our disintegration in near real time.

  5. Bruce Molholt, Ph.D.July 21, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    I'm writing in response to your comment to Bob Herbert's recent NYT column regarding nuclear power, in which he correctly compares risks to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. You noted that millions died as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, a conclusion with which I concur. Less well known is that tens of thousands died in the U.S. as a result of the TMI "accident." (Like the Deepwater Horizon "accident," TMI melted down due to a known flaw in its PORV. Excessive amounts of tritium were seen leaking into the Susquehanna River well before the reactor went online in late 1978.)
    Norman Aamodt of Lake Placid, NY, has analyzed cancer deaths in SE Pennsylvania since 1979 and finds that an excess of 75,000 can be documented. He may be reached via

  6. Dr. Molholt,

    Thank you kindly for you comments.

    When you have time please read The Straw That Broke, a focus on the reality that we are moving toward a phase in the history of civilization where any event may become "the straw that broke the camel's back".

    The media consciousness needs to change from seeing these events as singularities into seeing each one as a threat to the entirety of human civilization.

    Climatologists, biologists, and ecologists are afraid that one of the pillars of the ecosystem, one of the cycles, may be damaged beyond repair.

    Nuclear, chemical, or just plain garbage dumping could be that straw.