Monday, May 24, 2010

MOMCOM & The War With The Earth - 2

Now that the buffer of time between when the oil leaks into the Gulf and when it impacts the shoreline has collapsed, it has been replaced with the shocking reality that is slowly beginning to sink into our minds.

As the photos become available, and as many innocent Americans feel the wrath of the carelessness that will change their lives forever, the oil also sinks in.

BP commercials starring models strutting their stuff and talking about "clean energy" are being replaced with photos of widespread death, poisoning, and destruction to iconic American treasures.

Play pretend time is over, it is now time to clean up the messy drill baby drill thinking that led us here and led Obama here.

Dirty oil is the big deadly story that is finding its way into people's thinking, spreading sadness to those who know this foreseeable disaster is unconscionable, as it slowly but surely spreads more and more death to nature in several states.

Somehow, now the people in those states realize that they are part of nature, and that to poison nature is to poison ourselves.

How many of the 210 species of songbird that migrate through the areas poisoned by BP oil will survive?

How many species will become sick and die on route to their nesting grounds?

How many bird eggs will be defective even if some of the nesting birds survive?

The food for how many millions is ruined?

It is a heart wrenching debacle, from the 11 workers who lost their lives, to the millions who will be environmentally impacted for the remainder of their lives, to the thousands who will be economically impacted for the remainder of their lives, and on and on it goes.

No wonder BP and the government are trying to keep the media out of the area so all the horrible truth will not get out.

But it will get out because this is a catastrophe that the phony D.C. monopoly money will not and can not clean up:
For those saddened by the scenes of thick oil washing into Louisiana's coastal wetlands a month after the BP oil disaster began, experts on oil spills and the coastal ecosystem have some advice: Get used to it.

The crews mopping up oil on beaches and marsh shorelines this week are fighting just the first of what will probably be a series of rolling skirmishes that will last for months, if not years -- even after the runaway well is finally capped. In fact, the untold millions of gallons of oil already fouling the Gulf off the Louisiana coast could stay in the area for at least a decade, and on the sea floor for more than 100 years.
(Oil For 100 Years, emphasis added). The sinister nature of BP together with the naive wishful thinking of people who do not know the nature of the oil barons came to light recently:
What [many] didn't know was that the Nature Conservancy lists BP as one of its business partners. The Conservancy also has given BP a seat on its International Leadership Council and has accepted nearly $10 million in cash and land contributions from BP and affiliated corporations over the years.
(Cunning Deceit Masks Reality). If BP deceived its way onto the decision making boards of environmental groups it is because these people are unable to grasp the reality of the mentality of those who are a serious threat to the security of the environment?

Now we know that President Obama was not the only city-dweller that has no clue, even the people who say they are the front line defense of the environment let the oilsters in to poison the waters.

Is President Obama going to go back to that area, like he did in a photo op some time back, and tell them once again "I wish I could write you a check"?

NOTE: The first of this series of posts was MOMCOM And The War With The Earth.


  1. Write 'em a check? Check hell, here's what needs to be done:

    Park a few hundred FEMA trailers down on the Gulf Coast beaches, bring in a few truckloads of HazMat suits, and inform all the administration officials and congress critters of their new work assignments until further notice. They can do the rest of their legislating duties on site after they first put in 8 hours of cleanup work. Seven days a week, no campaigning, no fundraising dinners, nothing but hard work and the smell of oil. Of course if they want to compel BP officials to join 'em, the more the merrier! Who knows, some of the fat bastards might even lose a pound or two in the process.

    Then turn the White House, Capitol Building, and all the other assorted DC legislative buildings into full time museums for the people's use, or better yet, sell 'em outright and put the money toward the debt. Congress can find a cheap working class hotel to hold their sessions in from here on, as they're gonna be busy personally cleaning up their messes from now on (Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, etc.).

    On to back business, round up everyone involved in the Bush/Cheney administration, cart 'em on out to Andrews AFB and put 'em on a one way transport to Baghdad - GOOD LUCK BOYS!. Put 'em all on the terror watch list so they don't try to sneak back in, then sell all their shit as well and apply the proceeds to the national debt.

    Finally, put BP under government control a la GM, and apply ALL profits to the cleanup and/or national debt until "we the people" decide otherwise.

  2. disaffected,

    I'll second that!