Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Open Thread

No final word on the results of the "top kill" yet.

The oil islands floating underneath the surface of the Gulf, some the size of Manhattan Island, and other portions of the poison continent of oil, are heading for the Bahamas to ruin some vacations and some Earth life.

The TOP KILL IS UNDERWAY ... cross fingers ... hope ... pray ... whatever works ...

Is the MSM is in a tizzy because they cannot seem to help us drink away our minds from the spectacle of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe onto other stories the MSM of MOMCOM approves of?

Will it be Oilah Akbar! vs Danger Devil in the temple of doom ... or ... ???

Like blogger disaffected said in a comment yesterday "Obama's telling MOMCOM to get all jiggly wid' it at the Mexican border - to the tune of 1,200 NG troopies" ... which is so a la Senator John McCain who recently said "build the damn wall" al la R. Reagan in a campaign ad in the struggle for his senatorial survival ...

Or how about the Korean War revisited, since the N. Koreans have now been fingered as the ones who torpedoed a S. Korean war ship, killing almost 50 sailors, and as both sides prepare for escalation?

Or, since today is kill the devil day at the Deepwater Horizon ground zero, could today be the day when Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar! is resurrected by top killing the devil to transform Oilah into the savior once again, then all the worshippers begin to drink Tea Potty nectar, sing hymns of praise to Oilah, and chant drill baby drill?

Prevention, the only true savior, will then be forgotten once again if the devil is killed at Deepwater Horizon.

Otherwise the devil patina will fall upon the robes of the priests of Oilah once again, as the people remember to hate their drug supplier BP (big provider).

My guess is that the MSM will have to kneel down to the savior story "Oilah vs. Devil" today.

Your stories to help the MSM divert our attention are welcome ... so post them already!


  1. Is this a metaphor for the life government lives, what with the garbage gyres in the oceans, poison oils in the oceans, and mounting garbage mountains growing:

    Couple Found Buried Alive Under Trash In Their Home

  2. GOP's evidently pissed at Obama for trying to steal some of their thunder on immigration reform during an election cycle, which is all pretty amusing. Here in NM, we've got one GOP primary candidate (Alan Weh, he's a "Reagan Republican!") who's getting absolutely crucified for once agreeing with Bush on "amnesty", so evidently the GOP has found their hateful issue to prosecute for the midterms.

    In a similar vein, MOMCOM's back peddling hard on repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," saying that it (of course!) "needs some more study," and that "we shouldn't be conducting social experiments with our troops during a time of war." In the first place, I don't know why any gay person would want to have anything to do with such a fucked up culture as the military, but second, we've BEEN CONDUCTING A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT with the military since the day it became all volunteer, and effectively a work program for the underclass in the U.S.

    You'd think the GOP would at least try to think of some original and somewhat thought provoking arguments before they trot such lame shit out to the public. Of course the public eats their shit up either way, so what can you say? The coming GOP administration is gonna make Dr. Strangelove seem pale in comparison.

  3. Obama to face media today regarding response to spill and "top kill" no doubt as well. Will this be his Katrina? Hard to say at this point, but it's certainly not gonna help him any. They better hope top kill works, cause its gonna be a long hot summer leading into the midterms otherwise. Democratic demise.

    We're apparently going to get a Republican governor with a hard-on for immigration here in NM too, so it's fair to say that that's now officially a major issue in the SW. Of note, even naturalized hispanics - some relatively recent - that I know are hard over on the issue, so it's not just totally a "white thang." Even so, the whole issue feels contrived, as if the movers and shakers have drummed it up to get our minds off all of the other legitimate shit we've got to worry about. Funny that a nation so worried about its own borders has troops spread all over the world across others' borders and at least two major wars that we're aware of going on with absolutely no end in sight. Hypocrites.

    China remains officially neutral on N Korea/S Korea dispute. Have to wonder why US doesn't do the same, instead of mindlessly sticking our nose in where it doesn't belong yet once again. S Korea cam take care of their own shit, the Cold War and all that Domino Theory thinking is long since past, and the US is in no position whatsoever to get into a regional conflict with China over a petty incident. I can think of at least a dozen scenarios where this would go real bad for the U.S., many involving nuclear escalation and a collapse of the dollar and the world economy. I'm sure that's crossed HillBillary's mind while she bloviates on the TV about "the world" responding forcefully to the crisis. Notice that US officials always presume that US interests are also "the world's." Arrogant bastards.