Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mob Psychology of Congress & Media

A right wing swift boat type made a phony video, editing & cutting out portions of the real picture, in order to make a false impression, to deceive, and to groupspeak.

As fast as a neurotic editing room floor manic "editor" at FOX News (a.k.a. faux snooze), congress stampeded like a herd of cows that had heard a gunshot.

Sweating, while rushing through mob legislation, they were like the Borg, collectively thinking they were going to bolster their chances of getting re-elected.

The only larger and swifter mob, that comes to mind at the moment, was when the swift boat media, the congress, and the president screwed up big time in the Terri Schiavo case.

The case where they thought the most important event on earth was to put an end to 200 years of common law of our nation that was working quite well thank you.

As in the Schiavo case, congress and the media together were played for fools, played well at that, doing MOMCOM's bidding to slander the good folk of ACORN.

To reward congress for stampeding itself into a frenzy, the the FAKE WINGNUT PIMP who invaded ACORN decided to illegally wire tap a senate member.

The pimp's reward was to get a federal indictment when he got caught bugging the office of the senator in broad daylight.

The story is documented at Brad Blog beginning here.

The federal district court was not stampeded by the falderal, and promptly held that the knee-jerk statute congress had passed and the president had signed, was unconstitutional.

It was an "olde timey" bill of attainder.

The federal case is ACORN v U.S. in federal district court in the state of New York.

ACORN had legitimately helped get democrats, including the president, elected.

Here again the democrats shot themselves in the foot, not being very good cowboys.

They haven't been good seamen either, since they received the "W" compass.

Perhaps they were thrown off when they were told that the "W" stands for Wonderland?

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