Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning Joe Takes Law Off The Table - 2

Like Baghdad Bob who could never get reality straight, Joe The Journo ("Mourning Joe"), like Joe The Plumber, is still in mourning that the neoCon manifesto was rejected by the voters.

He simply cannot fathom that his plethora of rubbish journalism did not prevent the reality that liberal ideas were elected instead of his neoCon rant.

So he incessantly continues his propaganda campaign financed under the covers by the Pentagon, through General Electric, his uber-boss and a war profiteer:
Throughout 2001, California Congressman Henry Waxman accused [GE CEO] Welch of intervening in NBC's 2000 election night coverage and pressuring the network to prematurely declare Bush the winner. Welch admitted he attended an election night party at NBC's headquarters and that he cheered for Bush but denied interfering with coverage decisions. When the major network and cable news division heads were called before Congress in January 2001 to account for the election night debacle, the president of NBC News offered Waxman access to internal videotapes made of Welch on election night, only to withdraw the offer just days later.
(Center For Public Integrity, under General Electric, windfalls of war). Joe The Journo's bosses have profited mightily from the wars, so negative publicity about torture hurts the bottom line of the world's largest corporation, which is not above committing crime to further its war profiteering:
In 1990, GE was "convicted of defrauding the Defense Department by overcharging the Army for a battlefield computer system." (Fortune, 9/5/94) GE paid $30 million in criminal and civil fines.

In 1992, GE "pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, money laundering and corrupt business practices in connection with its sale of military jet engines to Israel," the Washington Post reported (7/23/92). "Bob Pettit, general counsel to the FCC, said today that such convictions are 'relevant' for the commission to consider, but do not result in automatic loss of license," the paper noted.

GE currently faces anti-trust charges "of a scheme by GE executives to rig prices with DeBeers Consolidated Mines, the secretive South African cartel that controls much of the world's diamond production." (Fairfield County Business Journal, 5/25/92)

Most recently have come revelations of illegal reporting at Kidder Peabody, GE's investment subsidiary, which resulted in the dismissal of Kidder CEO Michael Carpenter -- who was brought in from another GE division by Welch in 1989 to put Kidder in order. "Like it or not, the scandals at Kidder Peabody were brought on by GE's management," Fortune asserted (9/5/94).

A February 1994 report of the Project on Government Oversight found that GE had 16 instances of fraudulent activity against the government since 1990 -- the most of any company listed (Daily Citizen, 3/14/94). Such revelations led Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, to note, "If the law were 15 strikes and you're out, GE would be banned."

The FCC is particularly concerned with questionable activity before other government agencies, since this might indicate a willingness to deceive the FCC. Despite GE's unsavory record, formal challenges have rarely been made to its ownership of the NBC licenses. Such cases were to be raised in a hearing against NBC by National Capital Communications Inc., which was filing a competing application for WRC-TV, NBC's D.C. affiliate. But NBC and NCCI made a deal whereby NBC would pay $295,000 (ostensibly for legal costs) to NCCI, in return for NCCI dropping its challenge Television Digest, 5/24/93).
(Felons On The Air). The current cover-up of where taxpayer money went during the bailout lust for lucre fest and the AIG plunder is bound to cross GE's bow somewhere along the line. Most likely in the Iraq plunder [that page is no longer available, so here is The Wayback Machine copy].

Anyway this morning Barn Oracle, who holds Joe the Journo's hand along with neoCon Pat "I'm not a crook" Buchanan, said in so many words that the CIA and FBI cannot function if they are held accountable to laws concerning torture.

Crims & Crooks think alike.

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