Sunday, August 30, 2009

Banker Jekyll Will Hyde Your Money

In a series of posts I want to show that the federal robe wearers who control money want to hide some of the economic facts from us.

There have been scores of posts on this blog alleging that we have exited the age of robber barons in the U.S. and entered the new age of the plunder barons.

For example, we followed the trail of bailout money rendered to AIG through a maze of shadow corporations to foreign nations where your tax dollars ended up.

We floated the notion that the military oil complex controls the flow of tax money, from you to them, through the devices of the federal banking system, etc., but primarily as James Madison said, through The Office Of The President.

Of course, President Madison was talking about wartime, when the nation was at war, which has been our status for almost a decade now, when he said:
In war, the public treasuries are to be unlocked; and it is the executive hand which is to dispense them.
(What Is America's Greatest Enemy). I suppose that the age of plunder having begun, as the graphs show, during the Bush II regime's lying to get the U.S. into war should come as no surprise, then.

The economic disaster that followed left millions homeless, jobless, and left us with a federal deficit we and our children will pay for in the next generations.

Bottom line: this blog alleges that we as a people have been plundered.

A lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court, Southern District of New York, at Manhattan, titled Bloomberg L.P. vs. Governors of the Federal Reserve System sought, through The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), to get hold of documents showing where bailout and other federal money was going.

The government fought hard to keep all that information secret, but failed and lost the case, which has now been appealed to the federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals, from which Justice Sotomayor was chosen for the Supreme Court of the U.S. recently.

In following posts I will discuss documents, beginning with the Judge's 47 page opinion, explaining why she, the Chief Judge of that District Court, felt the public had a right to know where taxpayer dollars were being spent and why.

The next post in this seris is here.

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