Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Killing Growth & Cancer Ideology

Growth for growth's sake is a tenuous proposition, because, that is the heart, core, religion, and whole purpose of life of the disease we call cancer.

Consider one form of growth for growth's sake, overpopulation, and the utter disease that is.

One American author noticed and said:
Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.
(Edward Abbey). A psychologist James Hillman and a novelist and cultural critic Michael Ventura got together and wrote a book about the subject which we discussed here in a previous post, which criticizes growth for growth's sake.

We are also rebels, to some degree, to the notion that the universe either has or is a big, big and getting bigger cancer, and therefore have called for a cure.

Thus, in the abstract, since killing growth is a reality, and so is healthy growth, any discussion of growth that comes down on the side of growth for growth's sake is very suspect, and is probably a disease.

And even as we speak, there has been a lot of suspicion about the economic rhetoric being used in the disease that has brought down millions of people: economic growth for growth's sake.

Economists, when the disease began to be obvious, coined the phrase "too big to fail", but even that statement seems to be exactly what any cancer would say once it reached certain dimensions.

The middle class was not to big to fail, they were allowed to fail with loss of homes, jobs, pensions, health care, and the American dream turned into a nightmare; but for the elite on Wall Street the cure turned out to be big bonuses.

I mean really, you growthers (plunderers), should note that even the Viagra people warn you to call your doctor under certain conditions, because they know for a "medical certainty" you can only "screw over" so many people before somebody is going to try to get even.

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