Sunday, August 2, 2009

911 Conspiracy Theorists Take A Hit - 4

The anthrax bug attached to the 9/11 attacks just will not go away, and of course it should not go away until some decent detective work is done.

A prior post here discussed an event that undermined the whole FBI "story" and which caused the shut down of the "secure" government lab where the weapons grade anthrax used during the 9/11 daze was said to have originated and to have been stored.

Now a congressional website has a piece concerning New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt's take on this entire sordid mess. Holt is a well known scientist himself:
Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) today met with a committee of the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) and asked them to conduct a thorough, wide-ranging investigation of the FBI’s scientific methods in response to the 2001 anthrax attacks. The attacks evidently originated from a postal box in Holt’s Central New Jersey congressional district, killing five, and disrupting the lives and livelihoods of many of his constituents. The attacks greatly contributed to the national fear of terrorism and affected the response of our nation to these attacks. Holt has consistently raised questions about the federal investigation into the attacks. Earlier this year, Holt introduced the Anthrax Attacks Investigation Act of 2009, legislation that would establish a Congressional commission to investigate the attacks and the federal government’s response to and investigation of the attacks. The bipartisan commission would make recommendations to the President and Congress on how the country can best prevent and respond to any future bioterrorism attack.

Simply stated, our government – and specifically, the FBI – suffers from a credibility gap on this issue,” Holt said. “Answering all the doubts and questions about the handling of this case is beyond the purview of this panel, which is why I’ve introduced legislation that would create a national commission to ‘investigate the investigation.’ In the meantime, this panel has an opportunity to answer some of the key questions that I and so many other Americans have about the science behind the FBI’s investigation.”
(House Website @Wayback Machine, emphasis added). The same sentiments are felt by people in New York who are trying to get an initiative on the next election ballot that would start a new investigation into other aspect of the 9/11 Commission investigation.

Even the lead commissioners on that commission say they made incorrect conclusions because they were lied to and because testimony from individuals who were being tortured was used to reach their conclusion.

In the anthrax case no one has been indicted or prosecuted, the government has been sued and lost the case over its botched investigation; and the next person they accused before they had to shut down their very loose government WMD lab where the anthrax was said to have come from, "committed suicide" (same story for other witnesses too) or didn't, depending on which people involved in the investigation you believe.

Professional Architects, members of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), were in Washington D.C. questioning other aspects of the investigation and talking to congress recently.

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  1. The bleep goes on.

    A federal Judge, who is a Bush first cousin, decides a federal case against Cheney over objections by lawyers that he has a conflict of interest.

    American Airlines pilots say that NTSB data given them in FOIA request concerning Flight 77 is data from an unknown aircraft, not Flight 77.