Monday, August 3, 2009

Keeping Up With The Jones Addiction

The same fellow who said "America is addicted to oil" got locked in himself, seeing as how he is an oil baron and all.

Big mama oil addiction is the mother of many little junior and little miss addictions:
"Oil is also crucial to the drugs and chemicals industries and is a strategic asset for the military."
(Independent, emphasis added). All the goodie two shoes who have been so self righteous about putting crack users in jail with hundred year sentences (many, many thousands of crack users have been dealt with that way) are now going to ponder their addictions exactly in the same manner that the "crackos" did.

Here is a clue: the first phase is denial.

What? Addiction to oil, addiction to drugs made from oil, addiction to chemicals that make anything from plastics to carcinogens aplenty, and addiction to wars to inflate the addiction to ego.

Yep, you got it all and it is easy to see a surge of denial coming on that will dwarf the Nile perennial floods.

I left out some inflammatory language in the article linked to above, which is not common for this blog, so lets flame on:
The world is heading for a catastrophic energy crunch that could cripple a global economic recovery because most of the major oil fields in the world have passed their peak production, a leading energy economist has warned.

Higher oil prices brought on by a rapid increase in demand and a stagnation, or even decline, in supply could blow any recovery off course, said Dr Fatih Birol, the chief economist at the respected International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, which is charged with the task of assessing future energy supplies by OECD countries.
(Independent link above, emphasis added). So says the "world's top energy economist".

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