Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The DNA of What is Killing

The graph lines in the census bureau figures tell one clear story.

The top line that continues up and up and up follows home and business foreclosures, job losses, health care coverage losses, the national debt, and the national deficit.

Not in exact percentages, but in trends and in the direction the national economy has been heading.

The bottom line tracks the wealth, world respect, and prosperity of the United States.

But that is not what the graph is made to show. The same graph is shown again in the depiction below, but without the labels removed to protect the guilty.

The graph tracks military spending, and it says what Dredd Blog posts have been saying here, and here, for example.

Read it and weep because it says "spend your time on peace and your life will be more peaceful and you will prosper", but "spend your time on war and you and your children will suffer many years".

War is defined as the military in action, peace is defined as the military put back in its cage.

The ill advised neoCon use of the military to climb every mountain, swim every stream, and solve every problem is the most ignorant of policies since the Vietnam era fiasco and disaster.

Even though stupid was voted out, the addictions were reactivated, and it will take a generation extra to deal with the debauchery of the plunder barons.

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