Monday, June 22, 2009

Things Are Going Rummier & Rummier

The classic memetic disposition of Strauss influenced neoCons is to revise history.

There is a reason they need to mould history with a predisposition to have their own version of the facts, and that reason is that history is not otherwise kind to them.

Time magazine has an article about Donald Rumsfeld, who is trying to do his version of Mein Kampf these days.

His version of the facts is the same as Nixon, who he worked for as his first claim to fame, then later worked with, and was fired by, Bush II for his final claim to fame.

Richard Nixon, who has the reputation of being ruthless, said of Rummy:
"He's a ruthless little bastard. You can be sure of that."
(Wiki). When Nixon, the master of ruthless, sees someone as ruthless that says a lot.

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