Wednesday, June 24, 2009

President OK's Military Factory Sale

Yes, a sale of ports and military factories to the government of Dubai.

Do you remember that Dubai was the only nation to publicly support the Taliban prior to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan?

Do you remember when Bush II wanted to let that same foreign nation own factories that make things for Pentagon usage?

Do you remember that this happened after he outraged the country by wanting to let them take over some of our ports?

The outrage cancelled the deals as far as we know:
Hoping to avert the sort of controversy that erupted over another Dubai state-owned company's plan to acquire operations at U.S. ports, Bush signed off on the deal late Friday after getting company assurances that the military supply chain would not be broken, the White House said.
(NY Times). Think about it for a moment and ask yourself what would the nation think if President Obama did that?

Documents are showing up that also reveal more about relationships between Saudi Arabia and those who are in enmity with the U.S., including al-Qaeda.

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