Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Scientists Say World Will End?

Willie Geist on Mourning Joe (MSNBC) today reminded everyone of "the crazy guy" on the street outside the subway tunnel who says the world is going to end.

However, Willie improvidently compared his crazy subway guy to the North Korean dictator who is delusionally threatening to destroy the U.S. with things he does not have.

Once again Willie is being the media that confuses and contorts issues it does not understand, acting the fool in so doing.

Willie does not mention whether or not his crazy guy by the subway saying the world will end is a Bible thumper or a science book thumper.

So, we can only know that Willie is adverse to the idea of the world coming to an end, and wants to avoid the issue by calling those who raise it "crazy".

But I wish I at least knew if Willie's fear was directed toward the religious version or the scientific version of the truth.

Essentially, however, Willie's crazy guys whether thumping the Bible or a science book say the same thing in terms of results; however, the reason the earth is certain to be destroyed in the future is different when it comes from Bible thumpers, who say it is because of someone else's sins; and the science book thumpers, who say that is just the way the solar system is (good people, bad people, all people are the targets regardless of any notion of sin).

Willie, take heed, the mature approach to this is Ecocosmology, because the important issue is how we find a new home world, when we begin that process, and how to include everyone in the process of a mature reaction to the reality.

I just hope that global climate change and solar flare incursions do not become used by those who scare the willies out of Willie, so that he hides from those realities too.

That is life at Mourning Joe, the washing machine for tired and worn out republican dogma, which Joe is trying to get started running again, after the rhetoric fuses blew in the past two elections.

Joe, take heed, it is the clothing dogma of the neoCons that you need to put in the trash; don't try to wash them, it will not work, it will ruin the washing machine.

And Willie, take a lesson from the Hobbits from Hobbiton.

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