Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neocon Election Fantasies

Have you heard the neoCon fantasy about "the fraud of 1960, where the Dems stole Illinois and the election for JFK"?

Someone who was born in Illinois, and who still lives in that state said:
"I'm really tired of hearing this one. The final electoral vote count was 303-219. Illinois had 27 electoral votes at that time. Had they been handed to Nixon, he still would have been short. Remember, Kennedy was a pro-union Catholic and Chicago, the major population center, was heavily made up of pro-union Catholics. What a surprise that Kennedy carried Cook County!"
An excerpt of an account of the 1960 election says:
"With Nixon distancing himself from the effort, the Cook County state's attorney, Benjamin Adamowski, stepped forward to lead the challenge. A Daley antagonist and potential rival for the mayoralty, Adamowski had lost his job to a Democrat by 25,000 votes. The closeness of his defeat entitled him to a recount, which began Nov. 29.

Completed Dec. 9, the recount of 863 precincts showed that the original tally had undercounted Nixon's (and Adamowski's) votes, but only by 943, far from the 4,500 needed to alter the results. In fact, in 40 percent of the rechecked precincts, Nixon's vote was overcounted. Displeased, the Republicans took the case to federal court, only to have a judge dismiss the suits. Still undeterred, they turned to the State Board of Elections, which was composed of four Republicans, including the governor, and one Democrat. Yet the state board, too, unanimously rejected the petition, citing the GOP's failure to provide even a single affidavit on its behalf."
(Slate). Yet if you browse through the right wing blogosphere you will find that story perpetuated ad nauseum.

I predicted on 5/9/08 that McCain would lose 55-45 in the 2008 election, before there was a democratic candidate (it was only known to be either Clinton or Obama).

My prediction was fairly close to the actual results, and certainly closer than neoCon fantasy pundits (Morning Joe & Pat Buchanan) who were saying it was going to be 50-50 and too close to call.

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