Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

I wrote about his latest album a while back.

I watched a "movie about him" ("I'm Not There") last night.

I read his Chronicles I and two biographies about him a few years ago.

It comes down to the fact that in historical writings the outcome of the story is dependent on who is doing the writing.

After having personally done the watching, the listening, and the research I am as qualified as anyone else to say that he is a great song writer, poet, singer, musician, and Seer.

He will take exception to the "Seer" part but it is too late for him to express a rejection of that notion now.

His early rejection of that notion was based upon a belief that Seer equates to saint and hence saintly behavior.

Actually it has nothing to do with morality of that sort, it is simply a gift of vision like mathematicians, criminals, and scientists sometimes have.

It is no more than seeing what is going to happen when a certain set of events are put into action.

Bob Dylan you were no doubt a gifted seer at times in your life.

You wrote some of the things down which you correctly envisioned, and you can't hide from it now, well after the fact.

Happy Birthday.

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