Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mother Of All Enemies

The greatest enemy to the U.S. has been identified previously and some of its effects discussed.

It is especially disconcerting to remember that the Iraq war was started under false pretenses and by the dogma of religious jihad fervor of fundamentalist republicans.

The same ones still extolling the great holy value of their wondrous torture that saved the world.

Now, this mother of all corruption is spawning children that have the same DNA and footprints:
Iraq plans to arrest 1,000 officials for corruption after a scandal which has forced the resignation of the Trade Minister and is threatening the food supply of millions of Iraqis.

Corruption at the Trade Ministry is an important issue in Iraq because the ministry is in charge of the food rationing system on which 60 per cent of Iraqis depend. Officials at the ministry, which spends billions of dollars buying rice, sugar, flour and other items, are notorious among Iraqis for importing food that is unfit for human consumption, for which they charge the state the full international price.
(Independent, UK, emphasis added). This latest unconscionable debacle comes along after a million or more Iraqi men, women, and children have been killed in "the war to bring them freedom".

This comes after 4 or 5 million Iraqi men, women, and children have been made refugees by "the war on terror" and who now live in squalor in Jordan, Syria, and other countries.

The great U.S. republican occupation of Iraq is now responsible for putting people in power who are now endangering millions more.

Not only that, the Bush II policies are the mother of the most catastrophic destruction to the U.S. reputation in history.

Oh, and isn't our own economy doing fabulously as a result of war; or instead should our stupid wars file bankruptcy and be done with it?

Too many in congress and in the administration had a bit part to play in this horror movie too.

We simply no longer seem to have a reputable, intelligent government when it comes to understanding what our enemy really is.

A similar fate is being experienced in Pakistan and Afghanistan as the "war on terror" continues.

A war that has killed, maimed, destroyed, displaced, and made homeless, orders of magnitude more men women and children than the "war on terror" has.

War is a destruction of society, worshiped by the sadists and masochists as a sacrament in their delusions and cruelties.

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