Sunday, February 8, 2009

Open Thread

Talk about anything.


  1. {Disclaimer: I was born and bred a Red Sox fan. Many of us do realise that the Yankee hate has been kind of silly. Most of us are growing up and do still critique the Yanks yet also realise that the Red Sox are not exactly in the lower tier for spending either.}

    I've always been a big fan of the phrase A-Fraud and am kind of saddened that his nickname will now forever be known as A-Roid.

    This is the guy who knocked a baseball out of a pitcher's glove. This is the guy who yelled drop it in an opponent's ear while running by him on a two out pop-up.

    In his defense though, he did save a kid's life in Boston. So I will cut him a bit of slack.

    No error on Newbury St.: A-Rod saves boy from truck

    It'll be interesting to see how many greats now won't make the Hall of Fame. I think Jim Rice was put in because he put up great stats without steroids. He was an average fielder who did hit into a lot of double plays. Plus, deteriorating eyesight finished his career at a younger age. There are certain greats like Barry Sanders and Bobby Orr who were able to get the job done in limited years. There were also guys like Yaz who stretched things out and ended up with greater overall stats but with many less than Hall of Fame years.

    It's actually tough to even care about any of this, when the world is so frazzled. But sports can be fun, and it's ok for people to take a break now and then from trying to save the planet. One needs to maintain some mental health, or they are more susceptible to being beaten down by the wall.

  2. One large newspaper had a huge font headline "A-Hole" ...

  3. It was one of the NY tabloids.

    This is gonna get ugly for him, especially if it turns out he always knew when to expect further tests.

    A-Rod needs to come clean on everything. It's his only hope not to be ostracized.

    Maybe his stats will drop. Ted Williams said a lot to hitting a baseball is mental.