Monday, February 9, 2009

Mysto Army Anthrax Lab Shut Down

The bushie prosecutors (that now seem to have charged helter skelter, and who said only one man could have gotten his hands on the anthrax that killed people and endangered certain democrats in congress) must be turning over in their grave circumstances.

The "iron clad" case turned on super tracking techniques and other rigorous practices which they claimed that Army lab always followed.

Problem! Reality strikes again. Those pesky facts are getting in the way again.

As it turns out the lab is loosey goosey to the point it must be shut down until they find out what kind of WMD they really have in the place (see Discover).

Isn't that special ... it could happen ... finally they find the WMD the bushies couldn't? Ivins had them hidden all along? That's the ticket.

Or will they find out what many have been saying since Ivins "committed suicide"? Will they find out that someone besides Ivins could have sent the anthrax?

Either way it now seems to be turning out that they have set up Homeland Security without homeland security. Congress attacked with Army spores that could only come from that lab and they don't know what they have there? But they are certain who did it?

In other cases they have lost their nerve gas, several hundred tons of $100 bills, and a few nukes. Just to mention a few.

"Misunderestimation" ... its not just for the right leaning press anymore.

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  1. When it served a political purpose, this was on the news 24/7. When it turned out to be a form of inside job {not saying conspiracy theory}, it went down the memory hole.