Thursday, February 12, 2009

Afghanistan Is A Bipartisan War

Not like you think.

Obviously Taliban, Republican, Green, Progressive, Independent, and Democrat alike fight alongside their fellow soldiers for their own country.

But through that "doing a heckuva job" thingy it seems that one side may be furnishing the other side with weapons. By loosing them.

The Washington Post has an article with the details.

Related threads here expand upon the loosing game showing we are loosing our economy, loosing WMD, loosing our sense of self in war, loosing our sense of constitution, and who knows what else.


  1. Was it ever figured out what happened to the $2.3 trillion declared missing by Rumsfeld on Sept. 10th, 2001?

    At DU one of the JREF cultists said the money was found. Then the kooky side of the controlled debate asked for a link. None was provided.

  2. socrates,

    They lost the report that revealed what had been lost and what had been found.