Friday, February 13, 2009

DC Comics - Like DC Economics?

Stay low and hunker down.

It is Friday the 13th ...

Open Thread.


  1. The dung has finally hit the fan for DailyKos

    Proof has been secured that it is rigged, and that Kos has sanctioned it. Kudos to DaveFromQueens!!!!

    Fake progressives and their hate just took a direct anchor punch reminiscent of Ali over Foreman. :)

  2. socrates,

    Interesting. DaveFromQueens did an interesting article that surprised me.

    While "most popular" can be a curse sausage (like legislation in the congress), the figures were not what I would have expected.

    DailyKos is thought by many to be the premier site.

  3. This could turn out to be direct evidence of paid astroturfing. There have already been payola type scandals concerning Zuniga.

    This guy MajorFlaw, who appears to have gotten myself banned, had established a vigilante posse driving away thousands of legitimate posters.

    If one gets through the noise to the truth, they will find out that MajorFlaw is an attorney who does political consulting.

    What I don't understand is why he would go out of his way to protect Larisa Alexandrovna. I'm also confused how she has survived the zero tolerance rule for tinfoil. I'm sorry if folks believe in her, but they need to research exactly what she has been up to for years.

    Dave might have taken the stats the wrong way. I recall with my own place some funky looking results from Quantcast. E.G., I went from peaking with close to about 800 unique monthly hits to zero. Zero?

    But there are other stats out there that seem to support Dave's claims of Kos' steady downfall. The number of diaries, page views, etc. compiled by someone at Kos have decreased.

    I also don't understand why the Kos admins would allow their website to turn into a hate site. That's not exactly an effective way to build up a base. People do tend to notice inconsistencies at some point and also decide to stop banging their heads against the wall.

    I see the same thing happening to Dave that happened to myself since proving that "Lou Aubuchont" has been a hoax. The enemies of democracy are trying to astroturf him as in need of meds, that he is paranoid and on some kind of psychotic witchhunt.

    I have a new post up at my place in the astroturfing section begging the question of whether a wiggle room facade for certain internet players and domains is that they are trying to make money. I think it's a front. I'm not saying such people are going to turn away money or not actively seek it. But I don't necessarily believe that money is always the #1 reason such entities exist. Perhaps many fakers realise it is near impossible to prove that they are conducting psychological operations or astroturfing. I wonder why if Kos is out to make money, he wouldn't prevent so many folks to be driven away for no good reason.

    Thanks for listening to those few clips I sent you. Did you notice that the alleged ex-intelligence guy told Lophofo's co-worker that he is up against Israeli intelligence? That phone call and all the attacks on me have kind of been so elaborate that I can't picture them being from some lone troll in the basement. I have asked the readers to consider that these cyberstalkers/smearers could be part of a psychological operation.

    Heck, I don't mind if folks think that maybe I'm in on it too. But I want them to at least consider that something very odd has been going on, and then question why.

    I liked the second clip I sent you the best, where the co-worker mentioned HAARP, chemtrails, and that {Lophofo} seems to be on an NS& watch list. If you listen closely, you can hear nervous laughter from the guy, the feigning of ignorance, then the oh yeah, I know what you're talking about.

    I think these people have messed up. You don't call someone at their workplace. Same with this MajorFlaw guy {Fingerit}. You don't bully people around by outing their real life info and whatnot. I don't blame Dave for doing the same, because he is trying real hard to only out those who deserve it. Then I wonder why all of a sudden Kos front pagers are revealing their real names. It's a blatant attempt, imho, to diminish Dave's theories.

    I don't regret having become a major chemmie poster. I don't regret debunking their nonsense hoaxes either. It's like yourself going after some of these "Election Integrity Reform" people. It's not that you are all of a sudden saying that there was no fraud, but that the so-called leaders have accomplished nothing but make money.

    In a way, it seems like nobodies like us and DaveFromQueens are setting a good trend. If and when folks like us break away from the cult/groupthink we first believed in, it's best if the gatekeepers leave us the frig alone.

    Do people really think I am a troll and Aubuchont is legit? The only thing I can see is perhaps folks think I am part of the scam. As regards to yourself and the Biggie Bigs hate crowd, do they really think folks think you are a Mossad sympathizer and stalker? As for this Fingerit guy who set up the vigilante crew, does he really believe that folks are gonna think this Dave guy is out in left field? The evidence shows that MajorFlaw and his KosKop posse have been the true trolls and fake trollbusters.

    The word gets around. I agree with this Dave guy that Kos is on a downward spiral that he will never recover from. Here is a post he made having nothing to do with MajorFlaw but looked and linked to many instances where Markos Zuniga has made zero sense.

    Exposed: Why Kos Is Bad For Democrats

    I haven't checked these next ones out yet, just from the googler:

    This next guy contested Kos stats back in 2006.

    Markos Moulitsas Zúniga: Another Darth Nader?

    Blogging for Dollars Hang Daily Kos, but not for taking money from Howard Dean.

    And my favourite:

    The Truth About Kos

    Hey Dredd, this next one could be your future wife. She calls herself The Goddess and a Republican's Worst Nightmare. :)


    I don't mind anyone as long as they are sincere. We all have had conservative or libertarian friends who debated fairly. I especially do not like people like Kos who portray themselves as liberal progressives when they are anything but that. I also find it hard to trust anyone who admits to being an admirer of Ronald Reagan and the CIA.

    Wow, off-topic: On a Cosby Show is a teenaged Adam Sandler. The price is wrong Bob!

  4. socrates,

    Yeah, I am still reeling from Kos saying the CIA was a "liberal organization".

    Big Dan had a post yesterday or so saying he was suspecting the flight where Beverly Eckert was killed along with 49 others, was a take down. (A "wet job" in spook parlance.)

    Her comments are mild compared to most 911 truthers.

    His post was weak because he was wonder why the MSM said different things at different times about whether the crew was talking ice or not. Nothing of substance. Gives truthers a bad name.

    If the spooks wanted to take her out why draw attention like that? How did they know how much ice the flight would face ... a fatal dose of ice for that new bird? Why not just fake a robbery or rape or kidnapping or the like?

    I just think, like the Connell crash, they were looking at supportive facts and rejecting unsupportive facts.

  5. Hi Dredd,

    I invited someone to my forum, who I had noticed was fighting the good fight at a disinfo place full of neo-nazi and mysoginistic propaganda.

    Unfortunately, I just saw that she has posted the same kind of nonsense about Eckert having been murdered. That gives me pause, and I just now googled Beverly Eckert Murdered, and there are tons of returns.

    It's pretty funny how quick disinfo forces are able to produce these kinds of hoaxes. It is still vivid in my mind those DU posts where I'm guessing sock puppets wrote about the Connell one, "Suicide or murder?"

    This new one is just as outrageous and does have many similarities to the Larisa, Kimberlin, BradBlog, Arnebeck, Crispy Miller School for Tinfoil Bloggers and their coverage on Michael Connell.

    I signed up and made a bunch of posts at the FreeSpeechZone but am seeing that there is truly no place to go. One person has already continued with the claims that I am stalking Larisa. He lied about me outing real life info. How is it outing real life info to simply point out Larisa Alexandrovna's Kos and DU usernames? She is a public figure.

    I admit to publicizing the real name of Navari at BreakForNews. But that was done for a number of reasons. For one, that guy wasn't exactly a bucket of sunshine towards myself. Plus, I did not appreciate how the director of the Election Science Institute was a big cheese at a website calling Bev Harris a 9/11 CIA ratfink. I did not like how that disinfo website was creating a strawman for the concept of a rigged internet. I felt it was important that Hertzberg be outed. Public figures who play games on the internet deserve to be exposed.

    I apologise to all chemmies for any mistakes I have made along the way. I just figured that if chemtrails weren't given an honest, academic investigation, they would never be taken seriously as being more likely real than not. I never expected the backlash there, nor for when I went after Michael Rivero.

    There are many trends that aren't too difficult to see. We can take a variety of topics such as election fraud, 9/11, the Middle East, U.S. politics and foreign policy, etc., and they all seem to be getting filtered through some propaganda machine.

    I have serious questions about 9/11. I don't buy that it was organic the way the buildings pancaked. I don't buy the zeal of either side of any debate that seems to be more into pushing buttons than making easy to digest posts for all readers.

    I am basically done trying to find a big forum to share my findings and ideas. I am thinking our best bet is developing pockets of awareness, and hey, maybe one of us or a kindred spirit wins the lottery, and we can build a supersite to compete with the posers.

    Thanks for creating this blog. Thanks for finally figuring out BradBlog and its deadend nature.

    Perhaps newbies and fence-sitters can learn from the mistakes made by folks like ourselves. Not that they should become cynical, but that they should research as much as possible all websites beforehand in which they plan on participating and trusting.

    If I had researched Brad and Co. before blindly accepting him as a virtuous role model, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. If I had done the same with Swampgas, Chem11, and a bunch of others I thought were the realistic chemmies, same there.

    I don't want anyone to give up on the blogosphere. I guess I'm saying all of this can be more existential and complex than it seems on the surface. I never expected to lose trust in virtually every domain I have ever put faith in.

    Markos Zuniga has zero credibility at this point, in my honest opinion. And I do think that is a good thing. Same as with Larisa. And that's got nothing to do with crazy claims that I am a stalker. She shouldn't have lied about Brett Kimberlin. She along with Leopold should never have made lefties and the blogosphere look bad. When things like this come to my attention, I do take it personally, especially after devoting so much time to blogging and showing such people support.

    It's like with what Mark Singer did with his book Citizen K. He realised he'd been duped by a conman, then took four years out of his life to set the record straight. Unfortunately, most of the facts on the Speedway Bomber are nowhere available on the net. Perhaps I can do a guest blog at some point filling in some of those pieces. Then perhaps I can post it in a lot of places. Then perhaps when folks google Kimberlin, they will be able to find the materials proving that Larisa Alexandrovna was 100% mistaken in calling him an exonerated, ex-political prisoner.

    I recommend that book to everyone. I am shocked that I am the only one trying to set the record straight to the extent I have tried to.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he is a pathological conman. Maybe he took some really bad drugs as a teenager that shook up his brain too much for the worse. Word is that Hitler got a bad dose of mustard or pepper gas, not sure. I'm not saying either of those would be good excuses, but there has to be some explanation for how individuals like these with such charisma can turn out to be so evil.

    As Wilhelm Reich wrote in The Mass Psychology of Fascism, from memory, it's the psychology of the masses which form the bedrock for totalitarianism.

    And no, I don't believe in chembusters. It's too easy to scapegoat Hitler just has been astroturfed with Bush and Cheney. Sorry for going off on tangents.

    Kimberlin is a genius. I'll grant him that. But it is of the evil variety. I wish he would just come clean. But maybe it's similar to Roger Clemens. These guys set up their lies, refuse to correct them. Brett and Larisa need to understand that they may have successfully jumped their shark, fortunately for humanity the truth will eventually conquer any form of astroturf. With Kimberlin, it will just have to come later than sooner.
    {end of rant}