Thursday, February 12, 2009

DC Economics - Like Driving In Rome?

Or in space?

Did you hear about the satellite that ran into another satellite in space?

An article on driving sort of helped to bring it all home to me:
For all the others, who are lucky enough to be so young to have no clue of what I am talking about, well, let's say that once you board your vehicle and you hit the road in Rome, your windshield turns into a digital screen, where the road is an intricate labyrinth, populated by aggressive and menacing aliens that you must "avoid".
(Driving in Rome). I think that President Obama experienced that during the process that led to a new stimulus bill.

He had to navigate through the unknown, congress, and public opinion, in an economic crisis that would lead one to surmise that everyone would be on board, driving by the rules, and playing it safe and sure. But they all ran into each other like it was bumper cars.

So, the whole exercise ended up reminding me of driving in space and hitting another satellite, or driving in Rome, as explained in the articles linked to above.

The Stimulus Package Passed but that whole exercise did not miss any opportunity to crash into things, places, and people did it?

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