Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amundsen Sea (Area D)

This page is an appendix to Dredd Blog post The Ghost Plumes - 4

RE: Assumed Plume Sea Level Rise (PSLR)
(1 mm yr due to Antarctica Plume Meltwater)

RE: Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL)
Melt Water at 361,841 m3 yr raises GMSL one millimeter
(current total GMSL is 3.4 mm yr)

RE: Relevant Antarctica Grounding Line (AGL)
(length: 47,455,400 m)

Amundsen Sea (Area D)
Area's Percent of AGL (APGL)
(8.04768%; 29119.8 m3 yr)

Zone # Zone GL Length (m)Zone% of APGLZone's Plume Volume
5711 1.16371e+06 m 30.4711 8873.13 m3 yr
5712 411150 m 10.7657 3134.96 m3 yr
5713 483060 m 12.6487 3683.27 m3 yr
5714 1.76114e+06 m 46.1145 13428.5 m3 yr

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