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Build Your Own Thermosteric Computational System - 2

Fig. 1 WOD Zone 7513
I. Advantages

There are some advantages to having your own thermosteric computational system (Build Your Own Thermosteric Computational System).

"It's easy to do" isn't one of them.

But the fact that you can concentrate your research on one zone or one tide gauge station, or all WOD zones and all PSMSL tide gauge stations, is one of those advantages.

It makes it less of a hassle to check scientific, peer reviewed papers for true science, for
Fig. 2 Location of WOD Zone 7513
not so true science, and even for questionable hypotheses in those papers.

Today, once again let's do just that.

Let's take a look at one WOD Zone (7513) marked with the red square on the WOD Map at Fig. 2.

The relevant data taken from WOD and PSMSL datasets is displayed on the graph at Fig. 1, so that we can see how "the hypothesis that the main cause of sea level rise is that the ocean is warming" comports with the available evidence.

II. Fact vs Fiction

Of course, the warming of the oceans is something that we can confirm.

We can confirm as well that the cause of that ocean warming is global warming of the atmosphere due to the overuse of fossil fuels, and that most of that warming enters the oceans.

But does that ipso facto support the hypothesis that the ocean warming taking place is the main cause of sea level rise?

No, that part is fiction, but the word is beginning to spread:
"Observations from the Jason series have revolutionized scientists' understanding of contemporary sea level rise and its causes. We know that today's sea level rise is about one-third the result of the warming of existing ocean water, with the remainder [two-thirds] coming from melting land ice."
(Is Sea Level Science Above the Law?, quoting NASA). Even though I consider "one-third" to be an over-estimate, at least the direction the revolution is taking is the correct direction.

But, these "revolutioniz[ing]" events take a while to percolate through the walls of bias generated by errors in text books and older, erroneous papers (Humble Oil-Qaeda - 2).

III. The Graphs

To put it bluntly, the graph at Fig. 1 shows that the mean average sea level of WOD Zone 7513 is falling, not rising.

It also shows that the sea level there is not rising even though the mean average water temperature there is rising.

This phenomenon takes place all around the Cryosphere where there are huge ice sheets and glacier fields (Proof of Concept, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; The Evolution and Migration of Sea Level Hinge Points, 2The Gravity of Sea Level Change, 2, 3, 4; NASA Busts The Ghost).

Anyway, the relevant PSMSL stations in WOD Zone 7513 are:
PRINCE RUPERT, station number: 167
QUEEN CHARLOTTE CITY, station number: 829

United States:
ELFIN COVE, station number: 2300
YAKUTAT, station number: 445
SITKA, station number: 426
PORT ALEXANDER, station number: 2299
SKAGWAY, station number: 495
JUNEAU, station number: 405
KETCHIKAN, station number: 225
Click on the station number to view the PSMSL records for that station.

The two stations in that zone which are in Canada show that as you move past and away from the gravitational-pull hinge-point, the sea level stops falling.

Note that Glacier Bay melting is the cause of the sea level fall in WOD Zone 7513 ("The Park is named for its abundant tidewater and terrestrial glaciers, numbering 1,045 in total" - ibid, emphasis added).

IV. The Science

The original published paper that predicted that sea level would fall around the Cryosphere's ice sheets and large glacial fields was revealed by a scientific team led by Harvard Professor J. X. Mitrovica:
Woodward is evidently the first scientist to add robust concepts of physics a la Newton to sea level change science:
To our knowledge, Woodward (1888) was the first to demonstrate that the rapid melting of an ice sheet would lead to a geographically variable sea level change. Woodward (1888) assumed a rigid, non-rotating Earth, and therefore self-gravitation of the surface load was the only contributor to the predicted departure from a geographically uniform (i.e. eustatic) sea level rise. This departure was large and counter-intuitive. Specifically, sea level was predicted to fall within ∼2000 km of a melting ice sheet, and to rise with progressively higher amplitude at greater distances. The physics governing this redistribution is straightforward.
(The Warming Science Commentariat). At least Woodward was not committed to an insane asylum like Semmelweis was (for challenging conventional, but erroneous, dogmatic "science").

But, Woodward was ignored, at least until Mitrovica et al. (see video below) closely studied his work.

Not only did Mitrovica not ignore Woodward, he improved immensely upon Woodward's work, while at the same time giving Woodward credit for his work.
(The World According To Measurements - 5, quoting Dr. Mitrovica). Integrity is an important factor in good science, as the Mitrovica team has shown.

V. The Reality

The reality is that ideas can be more difficult to change than we would expect, as shown by a quick "google" of "what is the main cause of sea level rise."

The common myth is in error because the research of Sir Issac Newton seems to have been forgotten (On Thermal Expansion & Thermal Contraction - 8).

VI. The Conclusion

Build your own Thermosteric Computational System.

The previous post in this series is here.

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