Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pole Dancing In The Lab

Fig. 1 Antarctic sea-ice extent, 2017
I. Forward

We should care about sea-ice for several reasons (NSIDC).

Melt season is approaching the northern hemisphere where Arctic sea-ice extent continues to be diminished by global warming.

Meanwhile, ice-growth season is approaching the Antarctic sea-ice extent which also continues to be diminished.

Fig. 2 Arctic sea-ice extent, 2017
It wasn't that way back when the Earth was flat, before librul scientists messed things up (Once Upon A Time In The West - 2).

II. Pornographic 
Gyrating Graphs

Fig. 3 Porn Graphs
So, now I have to use multiple graphs that are all curvy and stuff, rather than being upward inclines like the BS meter graphs (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Global warming science deniers call depictions of scientific reality "porn" for some lack of reason.

Evidently, the Alabama governor who just resigned and was arrested was looking at Dredd Blog sea-ice graphs with an assistant.

He and his top assistant suddenly lost all control to the point that he and she irresistibly pulled off their clothes and porned out while viewing those porny Dredd Blog sea-ice graphs, which his wife had warned him about (Wife Revenge).

Fig. 4  Kama Sutra sea-ice
The Alabama legislature is said to be hurrying a bill to protect their next governor from such titillating science porn found on Dredd Blog.

Yep, the 'Bama Holy Rollers are banishing any and all such science porn from their kingdom like N. Carolina did (Will This Float Your Boat - 3).

It is nice of them to want to protect those who are so sensitive to scientific graphs that are all curvy and stuff (Climate Change Porn, Global Warming Porn).

III. Today's Graphs

Today's graphs are typical of the polar sea-ice graphs, meaning that they are both roller-coaster type graphs, one being at the top of a peak while the other is at the bottom of a valley (Fig. 1, Fig. 2).

The really porny ones have the two polar regions on the same graph, which makes it impossible for them not to touch (Fig. 3, Fig. 4).

At some point in time, when the sea-ice extent becomes very small, it is likely that these graphs will tend to flatten out.

Perhaps these Dredd Blog graphs will no longer be illegal in Alabama then.

IV. Conclusion

Perhaps when Dredd Blog stops all of its global warming porn, even The Don will not become so porny he wants to grab his assistant between the graphs of Dredd Blog (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan, 2, 3, 4, 5).


  1. Lol Dredd.
    Me thinks the reason for the hurried disrobing was they were in heat.

    This Prof thinks the 'runaway' has already begun.

    Dr Bill Hall ( Uni Melb)

    1. Mark,

      Very interesting link.

    2. Is Dr. Hall of the Prof. Wilkerson sort?

      "I ... recently spent 17½ years as a documentation systems and knowledge management analyst for Australia's largest defence contactor." link