Friday, December 2, 2016

Will Elections Cure The Disease? - 3

Fig. 1 General James Mattis (Ret.)
In the previous post in this series I wondered about the problem the military is going to have with the climate change denier triumph in the elections (assuming the one with the least popular votes wins the recount).

The video of Professor Wilkerson at the end of this post points out that it is possible that a military coup could take place considering the dire national security ramifications of denying the greatest threat to national security.

What is not clear to me, at this time, is why the republicans in the Senate and the House are so happy with General Mattis as the nominated candidate for Secretary of Defense.

I say that because General Mattis understands military doctrine on climate change:
Retired US Marine Corps brigadier general Stephen Cheney said the willingness of Donald Trump’s head of defence to resist ideological pressure to reject climate science could have a profound effect on the nation’s security.

“There’s a fair percentage of conflicts today that have a linkage to climate change that was not previously there,” he said. These include the Arab Spring and Syrian civil war – two insurrections that define world politics and security today.

Global warming also plays a part in long-term military planning and identification of future risks areas. For almost a decade, US defence department reports have recognised climate change as a “threat multiplier for instability”. As such, it is now routinely addressed in military strategy.
Cheney, who had a 30-year career in the military, said he did not know of a single top general – those who might have access to the White House or defence secretary – who did not understand and accept the risks of climate change.

“I don’t know anybody who fits that paradigm, I don’t. But being candid. I’m sure there are some there. And maybe there are some who kept their mouth shut not to go against administration policy, who now will feel I don’t have to toe their line anymore. I can’t come out and say I don’t believe in this stuff,” he said.
(General Mattis Gets Climate Change). The climate change issue, for obvious reasons, is part of military training now:
A new directive says forces need to undertake joint training exercises with allies to “enhance capacity” and “improve tactics” for tackling impacts linked to global warming.

“Mission planning and execution must include identification and assessment of the effects of climate change on the DoD [department of defence] mission,” it reads.

Under DOD DIRECTIVE 4715.21 chiefs of staff, equipment buyers and health advisers will need to integrate climate change into any new purchases, missions or infrastructure plans.

The document, which is signed off by Robert Work, deputy secretary of Defense, calls for greater work with climate scientists to “reduce risk and promote mission execution.”

Planners must “integrate climate change considerations into mission area analyses and acquisition strategies across the life cycle of weapons systems, platforms, and equipment.”

Medical staff will need to update training to “address effects on personnel, including changes in extreme temperatures, precipitation patterns, and disease vector distribution.”

Despite stiff opposition from many Republicans, the Pentagon has released a stream of climate-related warnings, research and adopted new clean energy policies in the past eight years.

In 2014 chiefs of staff said it was “overwhelmingly clear” that climate change posed a security risk to the country.

Last year the NATO military alliance war-gamed the use of wind and solar energy systems, while the US Navy recently launched a ‘Green Fleet’ partly powered by biofuels.
(US Military Trains For Climate Change). One way of describing the situation, IMO and in the opinion of many others, is:  The Most Dangerous Country on Earth.

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"We spend more on national security than the rest of the world combined ..."

"The Military is the lead federal agency on climate change ... and that is ... extremely dangerous ... we may lose the republic ..." - Professor Wilkerson (video)


  1. "Mayors WorldWide Will Act on Climate, Whatever Trump Does" (link)

  2. Both Dems and Repubs seem to be clueless about this issue (Breitbart: 7 things to know about Mattis).

    Gillbrand (D-NY) to block Mattis ("Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) will require a vote at a 60-vote threshold" - Politico).

  3. Is this relevant: "Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline" (link)

  4. "The Trump transition team announced on Monday that one of the president-elect’s closest advisers, his daughter, will meet with the man bearing the Inconvenient Truth on human-caused climate change." (NY Times).

    ("Mr. G, please tell the warriors who are charged with national security not to hurt my daddy ..." ??)

  5. There is other evidence that Mattis would obey any presidential order:

    “Nobody elected me,” Mattis told the audience in 2015. “But I did feel I had to be heard. And I was very blunt. And I gave my advice. But when it’s all over and done with, ladies and gentlemen, your military is obedient to the Constitution that says we obey the president. We swear an oath to protect that Constitution, and we live up to it. Loyalty only counts, we say, when there’s one hundred reasons not to be.”

    (The Intercept, quoting Mattis).

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    Yep, Dredd Blog knows the