Monday, April 11, 2016

The 1.14% vs. The 100%

Where have all the powers gone?
I. Introduction

The warming commentariat  has incessantly broken the civil and criminal laws (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2).

More on that in Section II of this post.

Today's post is about the failure to warn others when they are endangered.

Failure on a massive scale.

Let's take a peek at a warning from an American who began to warn us almost three decades ago (1988) and who is still warning us even though he is sometimes maligned for doing his duty.

These words from the video at the end of this post is not scaremongering rhetoric, rather, it is as real as it gets:
"Consequences include sea level rise of several meters, which we estimate would occur this century or at latest next century, if fossil fuel emissions continue at a high level. That would mean loss of all coastal cities, most of the world’s large cities and all their history ... superstorms will not be the most important consequence of global warming, if it continues to grow. The most important effect will be sea level rise."
(Hansen transcript, of video below @01:40, emphasis added). This is not Dredd Blog fearmongering rhetoric, it is the consensus of scientists.

Large cities are not unique to any civilization down through history, so our cities do not make us unique.

What makes us unique as a world civilization is our seaports, our seaport cities, and our reliance on seaports as the basis or foundation of a civilization based on international sea trade (The Extinction of Robust Sea Ports - 3).

A civilization that is endangered by only "a tiny, tiny fraction" of the ice sheets that have melted so far:
"Greenland and Antarctica are beginning to melt because of global warming. So far it is just a tiny, tiny fraction of the ice sheets that has melted. However, this fresh meltwater spilling out onto the North Atlantic and into the Southern Ocean already is having important effects."
(ibid, Hansen Transcript/video). Regular readers know that Dredd Blog has calculated the percentage of melt that will begin to destabilize international sea trade:
The delicacy of the issue can be seen ... by realizing that only 1.14% of the global ice volume needs to melt to get us there ... The overall invader needs to use only 1.14% of its forces to accomplish the invasion.
(Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization - 3, emphasis added, cf. Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization - 2, Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization).

II. It Is American and International Law

So, what laws apply to this scenario?

For example, to a person officially or unofficially on watch:
"A duty to warn is a concept that arises in the law of torts in a number of circumstances, indicating that a party will be held liable for injuries caused to another, where the party had the opportunity to warn the other of a hazard and failed to do so."
(Duty to Warn). When the deliberate failure to warn is very severe, such as severe enough to cause the death of an endangered person, it becomes a crime not to warn and take action:
"In United States law, depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is an action where a defendant acts with a "depraved indifference" to human life and where such act results in a death. In a depraved-heart murder a defendant commits an act even though they know their act runs an unusually high risk of causing death or serious bodily harm to someone else. If the risk of death or bodily harm is great enough, ignoring it demonstrates a "depraved indifference" to human life and the resulting death is considered to have been committed with malice aforethought. In most states, depraved-heart killings constitute second-degree murder."
(Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder, 2, 3). An entire industry has failed to warn of the pending danger to civilization as we know it (In the Fog of The Presstitutes - 4), because being blind to imperfections in current civilization is their main defect hidden in plain sight (Blind Willie McTell News, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

III. If We Are Not Warning We Are Dying Piece By Piece

Another lawless practice of the media, the establishment's deceit corps, is to call those who warm "alarmists" as you well know.

The work of those who ALARM!, if necessary to save lives, will one day render them heroes in the history books:
(by Todd Henry)

"When people don’t express themselves, they die one piece at a time.—​­Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

Your work tells tales. It speaks about you, your values, your hopes, your ambitions, and ultimately what you deem worthy of your energy and attention. It reveals, intentionally or not, what you really think about the world around you. Ultimately, your body of work—​­which is any place you create value, whether through your job, your relationships, or any other way you spend your time and energy—is​­ a standing testament to your existence on this speck of rock orbiting the sun.

Here’s a question worth pondering: While your work speaks about you, does it really speak for you? Does it represent you well? Does it reflect the authentic you? (Or, in your busyness, have you even recently considered who the authentic you might be?) The key to making your work resonate is to uncover, develop, and then bravely use your authentic voice.

What does this mean? When you are pouring yourself into your work and bringing your unique perspective and skills to the table, then you are adding value that only you are capable of contributing. However, many people operate in “default mode,” and they ignore their hunches, their deeper intuition, and their unique vision, and instead settle into the fold. Over time, they become more of a reflection of everyone around them—​­or a faded photocopy of a photocopy—​­than an original source of ideas, energy, and life. Instead of doing the difficult work necessary to weave their influences together into something fresh and original, they settle for recycling the scraps in exchange for a quick return on their effort. In the end, they fall short of making a unique contribution that’s reflective of what they truly care about, and because of a lack of individuality and passion, their work is less likely to resonate with their audience.

However, brilliant contributors commit to the process of developing an authentic voice through trial and error, by paying attention to how they respond to the work of peers, heroes, and even their antagonists, by playing with ideas, by cultivating a sharp vision for their work, and ultimately by honing their skills so that they have the ability to bring that vision to the world. If you examine the most contributive, impactful, and ultimately influential people throughout history, the one thing that clearly sets them apart is their unique voice. They had developed a personal expression that distanced them from their peers and put them in a field of their own. Their body of work speaks loudly about who they are and what they value. Louder, even, than their words."
(First Two Chapters). What are you waiting on, get out there and alarm somebody (The Extinction of Robust Sea Ports, 2, 3; The Extinction of Charleston, The Extinction of Philadelphia, The Extinction of Washington, D.C., The Extinction of Boston, The Extinction of Miami, The Extinction of Manzanillo, The Extinction of Houston, The Extinction of Providence, The Extinction of Chesapeake Bay Islands).

IV. Conclusion

Warning our fellow citizens is our moral and legal duty (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).


The Arctic is wild (12% of Greenland under melt conditions a month early yesterday) and the odd readings about sea ice extent are seen as a satellite malfunction induced by an unexpected Arctic scenario ("worse than previously thought").

"NSIDC has suspended daily sea ice extent updates until further notice, due to issues with the satellite data used to produce these images.." (NSIDC)

"Warm, wet conditions rapidly kicked off the melt season this weekend, more than a month-and-a-half ahead of schedule. It has easily set a record for earliest melt season onset, and marks the first time it’s begun in April." (Greenland’s Melt Season Started Nearly Two Months Early)

The next post in this series is here.

A law abiding citizen, Dr. Hansen, warns via video:

Wait no longer ... WARN !!!


  1. Sir Dredd, thank you for all your highly inspiring, aithentic rants, especially this one.

    1. "rant: To speak aggressively about something. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner."

      Thanks Nemesis !

    2. "The rant is one of my favourite rhetorical genres. Rant genre is characterized by a unique set of qualities that instantly capture attention and can really mesmerize an audience. Often the response that the rhetorician receives after embarking on a rant is either exasperated or amused, but people tend to really listen to a rant. The rant genre is even a form of entertainment: many stand-up comedians use the rant in their shows." (Rant Genre, emphasis added).

      But be sure to let the facts do the foundation of the rant.

  2. Dr. Hansen and some kids win first round in federal lawsuit (link).

    The complaint begins: "For over fifty years, the United States of America1 has known that carbon dioxide (“CO2”) pollution from burning fossil fuels was causing global warming and dangerous climate change, and that continuing to burn fossil fuels would destabilize the climate system on which present and future generations of our nation depend for their wellbeing and survival. Defendants also knew the harmful impacts of their actions would significantly endanger Plaintiffs, with the damage persisting for millennia. Despite this knowledge, Defendants continued their policies and practices of allowing the exploitation of fossil fuels."

    1. Great link.

      The order denying the government motion to dismiss, and allowing the case to proceed, is here, PDF).

      NOTE: the order is given by a Magistrate Judge so we must wait for the Article III Judge to approve the magistrate's ruling.

  3. More Oil-Qaeda criminal behavior discovered:

    "In 1968, a pair of scientists from Stanford Research Institute wrote a report for the American Petroleum Institute, a trade association for America’s oil and natural gas industry. They warned that “man is now engaged in a vast geophysical experiment with his environment, the earth” — one that “may be the cause of serious world-wide environmental changes.”

    The scientists went on: “If the Earth’s temperature increases significantly, a number of events might be expected to occur including the melting of the Antarctic ice cap, a rise in sea levels, warming of the oceans and an increase in photosynthesis.

    (New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought).