Friday, September 25, 2015

Calling All Cars: The Case of the "Missing Six"

Fig. 1 Dr. Mitrovica's Presentation Slide
I am going to share the information I have about the "missing" six stations.

They are "missing" from my knowledge, but not from the knowledge of Dr. Mitrovica who presented them in the video.

The slide at Fig. 1 is from his video which I am posting for the last time, hopefully, as a reference point (in future posts, I should resort to referring to a link to a previous post, which has the video displayed, and say "see the video here").

Anyway, the identity of the "Golden 23" (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2) is an important step before I splice the already written projection logic / code into the new SLC model.

Fig. 2 The "Golden 23" locations
Good scientists analyzed a number of factors before settling on those 23 tide gauge station records for use in sea level change (SLC) work.

I am deferring to them instead of selecting a particular number, because I have great respect and appreciation for their good work.

Fig. 3 My guesses
At the same time, since all of the data from PSMSL is in a mySQL database, I can refer to any or all of the global stations anyt ime that might be interesting in some experimenting around.

It is just that fewer golden moving parts are preferable most of the time, especially in projection scenarios.

The list with the "missing" names (Fig. 3) is not a mystery case.

It is a case where I could not find them clearly listed in the papers I talked about yesterday (The Cause of this is Unknown).

Nor can I discern them all in the fuzzy slide given in the video of the presentation Professor Mitrovica gave.

I listed the station names (which I think I discern) on the list I made by using a screen capture of the slide in the video, then rotating it in a graphics editor.

The unclear names are at slots 5,7,10,18,19, and 20.

 I think that the locations of the six (Fig. 2) are most likely: 1) the station at the intersection of Central & S. America, 2)  the two stations near the southern border of Brazil, or the northern part of the coast of Argentina, 3) a station in New Zealand (#10 on the list I think), 4) N.W. Africa, and 5) European and/or N.W. Mediterean areas.

I will continue to work on the six names too.

It is just that I don't want to pay a lot of money to acquire the scientific papers authored by Dr. Jerry Mitrovica, Dr. Natalya Gomez, and/or Dr. Carling Hay, which probably have in them a list those tide gauge station names.

Mark Harmon mentioned an acquaintance here who may have free access to those papers as an academic.

This weekend I am going to begin the modification to the model.

A good weekend to all.

The next post in this series is here.


  1. There are ways, and then there are 'ways' to find out this information . . .


  2. No biggie Dredd, where the ice melt induced water is going is more important than where it came from.

    In other words fingerprints on the murdered sea ports is more important than fingerprints on Greenland or Antarctica.

    We know where the rise and fall is coming from, but is it going to a port near you?

    The elite of educational realms need to read up on Sherlock.