Monday, September 28, 2015

The Eyelash Lily

Fig. 1. ChristieLM's photo.
I went to the party before I started this post.

Aren't you glad?

Anyway, I am partying because the projection software is moving along.

Yes, the sea level rise (SLR) and sea level fall (SLF) projection code is hooked up and working !

Now, one must decide to smooth it, or not, and if so, what smoother?

But that great smoothness looks jagged when 100 years or so are compacted into a small space, so, I like the way the old tide gauges jumped around, jagged, moving, like the oceans really are.

So my "smoother" is just another word for "let it be."
Fig. 2 To see Yakutat history only, click HERE

After checking the ups and downs of the history of a station, it continues a similar, but never-the-less future projection of the past.

Fig. 3 Yakutat no -9999, no smoothing
What I like is the same look and feel of the history characteristics, but I am going to implement some smoothing code soon. [h/t Tom[

Anyway, hope you enjoy the the "eyelash lily" (ChristieLM calls it "Spider Lily"), so I defer.

I am tired and have something to watch.

A poem follows:

Rubber Cement
by ChristieLM

Rubber Cement
rubber cement
What does it mean ?? (circa 1960)

It could have a new name.
Another oxymoron
Like: congressional intelligence. (circa 2015)
Washington outsider.
Plutocratic democracy.
Political correctness.
Corporate concern.


  1. What purpose does artificial "smoothing" serve? i'm with you on leaving it be.
    (just my 2 cents)

    Great work, Dredd!


    1. Tom,

      Good point.

      I came to the same conclusion.

      No smoothing code has been put into the model.

      The problem was that some SL values in the PSMSL data are -9999 on purpose when values are unavailable (e.g. during a war, etc.).

      I was going to build a bridge (smoothing) between the last good number and the next good number.

      I decided to exclude them completely because in reality it would be play pretend.